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20 January 2021
9 of 2021's most anticipated movies
With fingers crossed we put a list of the 2021 movies to get excited about:
13 January 2021
Netflix’s Plan To Totally Own 2021!
Netflix reveals their master plan to release a new original movie every week for 2021
17 December 2020
Netflix Cooking Shows for a #Staycation!
Eating in gets a little more interesting when you introduce some new dishes, here are a few shows for foodie inspo!
14 December 2020
#Staycation Netflix Watch List
If your travel plans for December have been haulted, we got you with handful of Netflix recommendations!
11 December 2020
Anytime is Braai time if you're #Staycationing
It's braai season! Time to flex your braai master skills and create new memories with your loved ones.
23 November 2020
Help! My VPN doesn’t work when connected to the Afrihost network
Getting connected via a VPN does always have to be a hassle
21 October 2020
6 Ways To Improve Your Home Wifi
Getting the best of your WiFi can be done when you look into these simple setps!
06 August 2020
Introducing the HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh
We take an in-depth look at the recently unveiled HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh Solution, which provides a Wi-Fi network system that is fast and reliable wherever you are in your home.
01 July 2020
5 Netflix Shows Based on Books
To turn a book into a tv show or not? That is the question! We don't have a definite answer but we do have some shows that have made it work.

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