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03 October 2019
Need for Speed’s greatest hits: Top 7
Gamers and car nerds around the world will all agree on a few things. One is that the greatest racing game that’s dominated the hearts of gamers for decades is Need for Speed.
03 October 2019
How to get a refund on PSN
You’ve purchased a game and realised that this game is beans or not the title you thought it was when you parted with your bucks. Getting a refund may seem like an impossible task so you accept it, download the game and live with the pain.
03 October 2019
How to get Showmax
So, you have a fast fibre line or a mobile plan with plenty of gigs to burn - now all you need is a streaming service to get the binge fiesta rolling. You may be looking for a mix between your favourite local...
05 July 2019
Benefits of dual SIM devices
Dual SIM devices are fast becoming part of the mainstream world. With high demand for good mobile packages, these types of devices offer the opportunity to get the best of both worlds.
10 April 2019
Don't own a smart TV... Now what?
“Have you seen (insert trendy show name here) on Netflix yet?” An all too common question in 2019 where everyone is linked up to some kind of streaming service.
02 April 2019
9 Things nobody prepared you for being an adult
I am the oldest of four siblings and my youngest sibling is aged fifteen. I often find myself observing their lives and the struggles they consider to be dire. Oh, my dear sweet summer child, it only gets worse. Much, much worse.
08 March 2019
How much data does Netflix consume?
Let me set the scene for you. It was a Friday night and I decided to reactivate my Netflix account. I got my favourite snacks and prepared for a night of binge-watching. After 2 hours of Netflix binging, I was suddenly disconnected.
20 February 2019
How does your internet connection affect your gaming experience?
What is a good internet connection for online gaming? Of course, this is a multi-faceted answer. But the short answer is that for online gaming, we would recommend an uncapped fibre package with a speed of up to 10Mbps+.
07 February 2019
8 of the biggest game releases of 2019 (confirmed so far)
2019 is here and with it a healthy dosage of great gaming! From the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2 to the next generation MMORPG Anthem – 2019 is loaded to the brim with something for everyone.

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