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30 March 2021
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Our top pick streaming devices under R1000
Our selection of the best and affordable streaming devices to connect to your TV.

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By Modiegi N
16 February 2021
Can a VPN Hide My Online Activity From My Employer?
What is a VPN and how does this hide what you're doing online from your boss?
25 January 2021
Air Mobile Account Verification In 4 East Steps
So you have signed up an Air Mobile data package. Here are 4 easy steps for account verification
23 November 2020
Help! My VPN doesn’t work when connected to the Afrihost network
Getting connected via a VPN does always have to be a hassle
21 October 2020
6 Ways To Improve Your Home Wifi
Getting the best of your WiFi can be done when you look into these simple setps!
06 August 2020
Introducing the HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh
We take an in-depth look at the recently unveiled HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh Solution, which provides a Wi-Fi network system that is fast and reliable wherever you are in your home.
23 June 2020
5 Steps to keep your router safe
You've heard the question, are you safe on the internet? Well, keeping your WiFi router safe is the first-step in ensuring that your home network is secure. Find out all the basics.
14 June 2020
Hands on with Huawei Y9 Prime
Mid-range smartphones are the buzz these days.We wanted to find out if the Huawei Y9 was truly a phone that people could look into without feeling that they had to shell out for the flagship models that everyone would usually go for.
17 April 2020
5 Important features of Fixed LTE
LTE vs LTE-A? What, how, when and where? Let's try answer those questions for you. Find out what Fixed LTE is all about.
17 April 2020
5 Useful mobile apps for 2020
Most of what we do on our phones probably involves some kind of an app. So what apps do you need for 2020?

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