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17 July 2024
  • Tech
Stay connected and in control with the TP-Link M7000
If you are looking for a pocket router, or need a backup for remote work or on-the-go connectivity, we have you covered.


By Unathi M
16 July 2024
Making your home smarter 2.0
In addition to the smart bulbs, plugs, and robot vacuum cleaners we featured in our first blog post about making your home smarter. What other smart devices would you consider adding next? Check out the next 3 suggestions we have.
11 July 2024
Why a digital camera is still worth owning in a world of phone cameras
In today's smartphone-dominated world, it would be fair to question the necessity of owning a digital camera. However, we believe that digital cameras still hold significant value for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we will explore the reasons why.
11 July 2024
The amount of data some your favourite apps use
Discover how much data your favorite apps consume, so you can use them wisely. In this article, we have put together a summary for you. Find out more.
14 June 2024
The Afrihost team's favourite tech gadgets
Afrihost's top tech picks! From the PS4 Pro to the versatile Raspberry Pi, our team shares their favourite gadgets that enhance daily life and productivity.
14 June 2024
5 Tips for getting the most out of your AirMobile plan
5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your AirMobile Plan
13 June 2024
The TP-Link EX511 AX3000 Dual Band WiFi router for fibre
Say hello to improved speeds and enhanced security with our new TP-Link EX511 fiber router. Your online experience should be even better from this point forward. Let’s dive in.
06 June 2024
How apps are influencing our way of life
Do you ever consider how much technology influences what you deem as normal and what is not? Today, we will discuss how mobile apps have changed our perceptions over the years and integrated themselves into cultural norms.
06 June 2024
Getting to know the AirMobile App
Our app was built solely for you, our clients. Let us take you on a short tour to explore the different functions on there. We hope that it will make your life easier.
04 June 2024
Fibre coverage explained
In these modern times, having an internet connection has become a necessity. Fibre has become connectivity product that is at the center of this conversation. Today, we will be discussing the function of a fibre coverage map and its impact on pricing. Also, find out how you can possibly bring fibre to your area if you currently have no coverage.

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