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23 November 2020
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Help! My VPN doesn’t work when connected to the Afrihost network
Getting connected via a VPN does always have to be a hassle


By Molefi M
21 October 2020
6 Ways To Improve Your Home Wifi
Getting the best of your WiFi can be done when you look into these simple setps!
06 August 2020
Introducing the HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh
We take an in-depth look at the recently unveiled HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh Solution, which provides a Wi-Fi network system that is fast and reliable wherever you are in your home.
23 June 2020
5 Steps to keep your router safe
You've heard the question, are you safe on the internet? Well, keeping your WiFi router safe is the first-step in ensuring that your home network is secure. Find out all the basics.
14 June 2020
Hands on with Huawei Y9 Prime
Mid-range smartphones are the buzz these days.We wanted to find out if the Huawei Y9 was truly a phone that people could look into without feeling that they had to shell out for the flagship models that everyone would usually go for.
17 April 2020
5 Important features of Fixed LTE
LTE vs LTE-A? What, how, when and where? Let's try answer those questions for you. Find out what Fixed LTE is all about.
17 April 2020
5 Useful mobile apps for 2020
Most of what we do on our phones probably involves some kind of an app. So what apps do you need for 2020?
03 October 2019
How to get a refund on PSN
You’ve purchased a game and realised that this game is beans or not the title you thought it was when you parted with your bucks. Getting a refund may seem like an impossible task so you accept it, download the game and live with the pain.
05 July 2019
Benefits of dual SIM devices
Dual SIM devices are fast becoming part of the mainstream world. With high demand for good mobile packages, these types of devices offer the opportunity to get the best of both worlds.
10 April 2019
Don't own a smart TV... Now what?
“Have you seen (insert trendy show name here) on Netflix yet?” An all too common question in 2019 where everyone is linked up to some kind of streaming service.

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