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09 April 2024
  • Tech
Top 7 AI tools to get ahead of any industry
Highlighting the transformative potential of AI tools, this blog showcases various solutions that streamline operations for businesses of all sizes. It encourages business owners to embrace AI technology to foster growth and maintain a competitive edge.


By Anita M
27 March 2024
What to expect after signing up for AirMobile prepaid
26 March 2024
How to optimise your video streaming at home
We know that streaming our favorite shows and movies at home has become a daily routine. We bring you tips on optimising your video streaming experience? From upgrading your internet speed to adjusting a few settings on your device, there are simple steps you can take to level up your viewing game. Trust us, your binge-watching sessions will thank you.
27 February 2024
The potential of Artificial Intelligence: How AI could shape our future
Advancements in artificial intelligence hold promise for positively impacting individuals through personalized AI assistants, AI-driven healthcare diagnostics, self-driving cars, and ethical AI practices, enhancing quality of life while addressing potential risks and concerns.
22 February 2024
Navigating the Afrihost network status page
A step by step guide to navigating and understanding the Afrihost network status page.
20 February 2024
Latest gadgets we think you may find really cool
2024 has promised us a long list of new tech and we cannot wait to see this new tech hit the market.
15 February 2024
Tips to maintain your battery and prolong its lifespan
Replacing your battery can be expensive, so why not try making a few changes to your habits to prolong its lifespan? In this article, we have compiled some tips to help you save money and avoid the inconvenience of having your device battery die on you.
23 November 2023
Quick guide to troubleshooting Outlook errors
Explore the most common Outlook email errors and discover effective troubleshooting steps for each one.
16 November 2023
Must-have essentials and gadgets for laptop users
Take a look at our suggested laptop accessories and tools that every laptop user should have.
15 November 2023
Quick and easy tips to dispose of your e-waste
We've compiled quick and practical tips for responsible e-waste disposal. Read on to learn what you can do with your old or obsolete electronic products.

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