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01 March 2023
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The best budget fitness watches to help you get healthy
Get fit and healthy with the help of a fitness watch. We have narrowed down the search for you by putting together a list of reasonably priced ones. Not to mention how easy their designs are on the eye. Start your health journey and look good doing it. Find out more.


By Modiegi N
30 September 2022
How a mesh network improves WiFi coverage in your home
A look into what a mesh kit is and how it can improve your overall internet experience.
20 September 2022
How to get the best internet for your home
If you're looking for a home internet plan, this guide will help you get started and make the best choice for you and your needs.
05 September 2022
Understanding port forwarding
This is a beginner's guide to understanding port forwarding. It is not necessary in everyday use of the internet but it is useful in ways we have listed. Find out more on the topic, it may come in handy.
21 July 2022
The importance of keeping your Wi-Fi network secure
Keeping your WiFi network protected makes you less vulnerable to hackers with malicious intent. If someone gains access to your Wi-Fi network, they may also gain access to sensitive information on your devices. Also, learn the different security protocols supported by routers to keep your Wi-Fi network secure.
10 June 2022
Easily transfer domain ownership from your ClientZone
Did you know you can transfer and receive domain ownership from one ClientZone account to another? Let us imagine your website developer, business partner, or employee used their personal information to register your domain name. It is preferable to transfer the domain name to a business or legitimate owner's account.
07 June 2022
Social Media security and why its important
Do you remember a time when your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts were hacked? If you answered yes, then you might want to read this article.
26 May 2022
How the Openserve Connect App can help you
Whether you’re wanting to check your fibre coverage, do a speed test or even log a fault on your fibre line, the Openserve connect app has multiple useful features readily available at your fingertips!
18 May 2022
Our top 5 pick UPS devices to get you through load shedding
Even with load shedding being a big part of lives, we still need to remain productive. With most of us working or studying from home, internet downtime is a not a luxury we have. We have put together a list of UPS devices to keep you connected during power outages. Hopefully this makes the process of searching for the best one easier.
03 May 2022
Everything you need to know about Virtual Reality
A breakdown on everything you need to know about virtual reality, its uses and how the future is looking for this piece of tech.

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