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01 October 2021
  • Tech
Techcellent: Fun Fibre Facts
In this final edition of #Techcellent, we're going through some rare and interesting facts about fibre optics that you may have never heard of.


By Conrad d
28 September 2021
Reasons why fibre orders get delayed
When you sign up for a fibre line, you look forward to all the exciting ways it will make life easier for you. For some, that excitement is short-lived as they become faced with delays in getting the fibre line connected. Today we will go over the reasons why this happens.
23 September 2021
Techcellent: Which Fibre speed is right for you?
We're giving you a quick overview of what different fibre line speeds are capable of and which package is most suitable for you based on your needs.
15 September 2021
Techcellent: The Fibre installation process
We're giving you a quick overview of the fibre installation process and how it works.
13 September 2021
What is Fibre and how does it differ from ADSL?
We're discussing what fibre internet really is and how it differs from traditional copper DSL.
02 September 2021
Techcellent: 30 years of internet in South Africa
A brief overview of how the internet has changed in South Africa over the past 30 years.
24 August 2021
Techcellent: What is Mesh-WiFi and do you need it for your home?
Learn how Mesh-WiFi differs from standalone routers and why it could be the solution for your home.
19 August 2021
6 smartphone hacks you didn’t know about
We have compiled a list of 6 smartphone hacks that you possibly didn’t know could make your life much easier.
18 August 2021
Techcellent: Ways to improve the WiFi signal in your home.
We're discussing ways to improve the WiFi signal in your home as well as a few first-line checks you can complete yourself to figure out what the problem is.
12 August 2021
Techcellent: Things that can affect your WiFi signal.
Let's chat about 5 WiFi blockers in your home that could be affecting your home internet experience.

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