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21 July 2021
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Techcellent: Online Security
Are you using the same password over and over again? You may need to rethink that as it raises security concerns and puts your whole digital footprint at risk. Learn how to create strong and secure passwords.


By Conrad d
13 July 2021
Mesh router or Wi-Fi range extender to improve your home Wi-Fi?
If you're thinking of improving your home Wi-Fi, you may want to look into getting a Mesh router or Wi-Fi range extender, especially when we're spending more time at home. Several devices connected to your router can affect its performance and connectivity. Let's take a look at which solution would suit your home and why.
08 July 2021
A guide on how to restrict background data
Have you ever wondered why your mobile data is being used up unexpectedly? It could be because of Background Data or Background App Refresh, depending on your device's operating system. In a few simple steps, we'll show you how to restrict apps from consuming unwanted data.
07 July 2021
Techcellent: Protection of Personal Information
On this week’s #Techcellent show on Mix 93.8 FM, we focus on the topic that’s been on everyone’s lips - Protection of Personal Information (commonly known as the POPI Act or POPIA), which came into effect on 01 July 2021. Take listen as we break it down to you in bites.
30 June 2021
7 useful mobile apps for 2021
Did you know 680 million Android mobile apps were downloaded to devices by South Africans throughout 2020? The pandemic has, without a doubt, led us to spend more time on our smartphones. Mobile apps have simplified our everyday tasks - take a look at the apps our social media team find most useful.
25 May 2021
Here is why you should get VoIP
Thinking of getting VoIP? Take a look at the reasons and benefits of why you should get VoIP.
12 April 2021
How To Change Your Wi-Fi Name And Password on the Huawei WS5200
Three easy steps to change your Wi-Fi name And password on the Huawei WS5200
30 March 2021
Our top pick streaming devices under R1000
Our selection of the best and affordable streaming devices to connect to your TV.
16 February 2021
Can a VPN hide my online activity from my employer?
What is a VPN and how does this hide what you're doing online from your boss?
23 November 2020
Help! My VPN doesn’t work when connected to the Afrihost network
Getting connected via a VPN does always have to be a hassle

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