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06 June 2024
Getting to know the AirMobile App
Our app was built solely for you, our clients. Let us take you on a short tour to explore the different functions on there. We hope that it will make your life easier.
06 June 2024
How apps are influencing our way of life
Do you ever consider how much technology influences what you deem as normal and what is not? Today, we will discuss how mobile apps have changed our perceptions over the years and integrated themselves into cultural norms.
04 June 2024
Fibre coverage explained
In these modern times, having an internet connection has become a necessity. Fibre has become connectivity product that is at the center of this conversation. Today, we will be discussing the function of a fibre coverage map and its impact on pricing. Also, find out how you can possibly bring fibre to your area if you currently have no coverage.
28 May 2024
Say Hello to eSIMs
We explore numerous eSIM benefits, including easy switching between carriers via a simple QR code scan, seamless travel connectivity, and dual SIM functionality without the physical clutter.
21 May 2024
Augmented Reality (AR) vs. Virtual Reality (VR)
Imagine being transported to another realm without a headset or controllers—battling dragons, playing soccer with your hero, or exploring human anatomy. Sounds like sci-fi, right?
08 May 2024
Frequently asked Fibre questions
Are you interested in signing up, migrating an existing line, or reporting a fault? Keep reading to learn more about how you can do so.