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21 July 2021
Techcellent: Online Security
Are you using the same password over and over again? You may need to rethink that as it raises security concerns and puts your whole digital footprint at risk. Learn how to create strong and secure passwords.
14 July 2021
Techcellent: Phishing
Phishing attacks occur regularly, and anyone can fall victim to them. On this week's Techcellent show, we'll tackle how this cybercrime works. We'll also share common signs to look out for and tips to help protect yourself.
13 July 2021
WATCH: FIFA 22 official reveal trailer
In case you missed it. Watch the FIFA 22 official reveal trailer featuring Kylian Mbappé and check out the new features, such as HyperMotion Technology.
13 July 2021
Mesh router or Wi-Fi range extender to improve your home Wi-Fi?
If you're thinking of improving your home Wi-Fi, you may want to look into getting a Mesh router or Wi-Fi range extender, especially when we're spending more time at home. Several devices connected to your router can affect its performance and connectivity. Let's take a look at which solution would suit your home and why.
09 July 2021
Returning series this July on Showmax
These popular international shows are making a return with new seasons on Showmax this July. Stream or binge from the beginning if you have missed out or looking for something new to watch.
08 July 2021
A guide on how to restrict background data
Have you ever wondered why your mobile data is being used up unexpectedly? It could be because of Background Data or Background App Refresh, depending on your device's operating system. In a few simple steps, we'll show you how to restrict apps from consuming unwanted data.