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21 July 2022
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The importance of keeping your Wi-Fi network secure
Keeping your WiFi network protected makes you less vulnerable to hackers with malicious intent. If someone gains access to your Wi-Fi network, they may also gain access to sensitive information on your devices. Also, learn the different security protocols supported by routers to keep your Wi-Fi network secure.


By Modiegi N
22 June 2022
Getting to know the Afrihost App: Connectivity
Learn how to navigate through the Afrihost app on your mobile and desktop. We are starting with connectivity products which include Fibre, Fixed LTE, Mobile and DSL.
31 May 2022
5 best photo-editing apps for Instagram
Is your Instagram feed looking a little dull lately? Take your aesthetic to the next level and touch up photos on the go, like a pro. Check out these photo-editing mobile apps.
18 May 2022
Our top 5 pick UPS devices to get you through load shedding
Even with load shedding being a big part of lives, we still need to remain productive. With most of us working or studying from home, internet downtime is a not a luxury we have. We have put together a list of UPS devices to keep you connected during power outages. Hopefully this makes the process of searching for the best one easier.
31 March 2022
World Backup Day
When last did you backup your data? Make sure all of your files are safe and secure this World Backup Day and every day. There’s nothing worse than losing something important.
11 March 2022
DIY home cinema
Here's a quick DIY home cinema guide to help you turn your TV or living room into a movie-going experience, fit for your family and friends. 📺🍿
07 September 2021
5 common phishing attacks
Take a look into the most common phishing attacks and how to identify them for your safety.
06 September 2021
Tips and tools for managing screen time
Find out how you can manage your screen time, utilize the features built into your phone and develop better sleeping habits.
24 August 2021
Techcellent: What is Mesh-WiFi and do you need it for your home?
Learn how Mesh-WiFi differs from standalone routers and why it could be the solution for your home.
19 August 2021
6 smartphone hacks you didn’t know about
We have compiled a list of 6 smartphone hacks that you possibly didn’t know could make your life much easier.

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