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11 June 2024
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Making your home smarter 2.0
In addition to the smart bulbs, plugs, and robot vacuum cleaners we featured in our first blog post about making your home smarter. What other smart devices would you consider adding next? Check out the next 3 suggestions we have.


By Unathi M
15 February 2024
Tips to maintain your battery and prolong its lifespan
Replacing your battery can be expensive, so why not try making a few changes to your habits to prolong its lifespan? In this article, we have compiled some tips to help you save money and avoid the inconvenience of having your device battery die on you.
16 November 2023
Must-have essentials and gadgets for laptop users
Take a look at our suggested laptop accessories and tools that every laptop user should have.
15 November 2023
Quick and easy tips to dispose of your e-waste
We've compiled quick and practical tips for responsible e-waste disposal. Read on to learn what you can do with your old or obsolete electronic products.
18 October 2023
5 Good uses for your PC tower, you may have not considered
While some people recycle or simply trash things they no longer need. There’s a growing population of people who find creative ways to re-use the things they “should'' throw away. Let’s take a look at 5 things some people have created out of PC tower boxes.
29 August 2023
5 Accessories that will enhance your workspace
Your workspace doesn't have to be a table and a chair.What if there were a few small items you could add to make the space more comfortable and enjoyable?
25 August 2023
Fibre tech jargon made easy: A guide for everyone!
We're diving deep into fibre tech terms in our latest blog. Our aim? Making complex jargon simple and ensuring seamless conversations with you. Dive in with us!
24 August 2023
5 Benefits of having Guest WiFi on your network
In the era of smart homes and constant connectivity, the internet has become as essential as electricity in our households. As a homeowner, you might've entertained guests who promptly asked, "What's your WiFi password?" Having a Guest WiFi is not only a modern amenity but a smart move. Let’s delve into why it’s becoming an essential feature for households everywhere.
08 August 2023
Password Managers: A basic overview to help you get started
In this digital age, it is essential to secure your online accounts. A password manager can be very useful for this purpose. In this blog, we will look into the advantages of using a password manager and recommend the best ones.
03 August 2023
Getting to know the Afrihost App: Billing
Let's dive into the Afrihost App and ClientZone to discover more about the Billing section and its incredible features to enhance your billing experience.

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