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19 August 2022
  • Entertainment
What to expect from Afrihost Gaming
A brief look into what Afrihost Gaming is, what its all about and how we will be helping you level up you rank.


By Alex M
14 June 2022
Movies that predicted the future
A look into movies that depicted future events and inventions way before they were even introduced to the world.
03 June 2022
Netflix Originals coming this June
The month of June will be jam packed with action, drama and comedy on Netflix. Be sure not to miss out! And remember who told you.
11 May 2022
Top 7 movie trailers that broke the internet
If you're a movie buff, you know the pressure of trailers to be mind blowing and eventful. These trailers have done just that.
29 April 2022
Must-see releases on Netflix and Showmax for the month of May
The month of May brings forth exciting movies and series that will have staying indoors worth your while.
20 April 2022
5 ways people are making money through gaming
You can turn your gaming hobby into profit. From participating in tournaments, to creating gaming tutorials. Check out what we found about how people are making money through gaming.
22 February 2022
Top 7 scariest video games
Video games like these aren't just some of the scariest, they're among the scariest experiences in the horror video genre. Those experiences will shake you to the core, leaving you with nightmares. Want to experience terrifying thrills, spooky atmospheres, and jump scares? Try these on for size.
18 February 2022
Trending shows to watch right now
5 trending and binge-worthy shows to watch on Netflix, Showmax and Prime Video this weekend.
24 January 2022
SPIDER-MAN™: NO WAY HOME competition winners
Congrats to the winners of the SPIDER-MAN™: NO WAY HOM social media games. We had so much fun and really appreciated your participation. Click through to see all the winners.
03 November 2021
5 Games to look out for in November
Check out these 5 epic games set to be released in November on PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo

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