The Afrihost Fitclubbers brought on their A-game to power through the brisk morning chill at the Woodlands parkrun last Saturday.

Every month, we participate in organised 5km group parkruns, proudly wearing our Fitclub gear - it’s hard to miss! This shows how much dedication the team has, and as we gather by the starting line, you can feel the spirit lift.

But that’s not all that we get up to, thanks to our Life at Afrihost team who have made all this and more possible.

What is Fitclub?

Fitclub by Afrihost is an internal initiative that promotes and supports fitness and wellness among staff. Since its inception, it has evolved and grown to be a space that has fostered positive connections and experiences.

In addition to parkruns, our Life at Afrihost team has hosted instructor-led group yoga and fitness sessions right at our headquarters. We’ve also taken part in Wellness Days, where we underwent voluntary wellness screenings, challenged our strengths for awesome prizes, enjoyed Kauai wraps for lunch and spoke to financial advisors.

Another cool feature to highlight about Fitclub, is that it works on a points system where a reward is unlocked with each level one reaches. This has encouraged healthy competition among us, motivated us to work hard, but more importantly led us to continue our fitness and wellness goals beyond the program.

What our Fitclubbers have to say

Our regular and committed Fitclubbers share their experiences:

Charting the leaderboard

Competition keeps us going and seeing one's name move up the leaderboard every week brings a special kind of excitement and determination.

Goal setters

Finding your "why" and reigniting a passion that once was can be the driving force to staying motivated and committed to your goals.

Parkrun milestones

Saturday mornings are simply for parkruns and there’s no turning back. Some of our Fitclubbers celebrated milestones in the first half of the year.

A sense of community

For some of us, getting out there and sparking a connection with others whilst getting a workout in has been a rewarding experience

As evident from our experiences, Fitclub has had a significant impact on us. It’s become more than a program. It’s now an ongoing journey that we cherish.


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Sinazo T

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