When Steve Jobs set out to change the world through the use of an iPhone, he was not kidding. A lot of what we think of as normal in today’s age is influenced by technology and the internet. Today we look at the apps that completely changed our behaviours and our perceptions.

Instant chat apps

Consider how most of us get startled by our cellphone randomly ringing in today's era. You have instant chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and iMessage to thank for that. These apps have altered the way we communicate with each other. Unless it's an emergency, texting is usually the preferred choice. It is the most cost-effective way to communicate with loved ones, locally or internationally. The instant apps are continuously evolving to improve efficiency with features like video calling, voice notes, and the ease of sharing photos and videos being introduced in the past years, further cementing their place in our lives.

Navigation apps

Setting your navigation app, such as Waze or Google Maps, before leaving home is becoming a standard in our society. We take comfort in knowing what to expect before going anywhere with these apps' live feeds of the roads and traffic. To a large extent, the app keeps us company while we are driving. Let’s not forget that it will notify you of the pit stops along your route to pick up a snack. Can you imagine life without it?

Social media apps

What is most interesting about social media apps is that they have moved our connections as people from the real world into the virtual world. Most of us would much rather check on people through their statuses on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram than pay them a visit. This is now the norm. Social media apps like X, formerly known as Twitter and TikTok, have also eliminated the discomfort of waiting in lines, waiting rooms, or being in the company of strangers. With their high amounts of content, you will never run out of things to watch or see. We can only imagine the chaos that would ensue without social media.

Banking apps

When last did you visit a bank? We imagine it’s been a while. You can thank banking Apps and internet banking. The use of them has revolutionised the way we do banking and business. We are now moving away from using our bank cards. Through banking apps, we are able to make payment directly from our cellphone. The world could run out of cash and some people would not notice. The need to carry cash is slowly diminishing.

E-commerce apps

Businesses don’t wait for you to leave the house to sell you stuff, they walk right into your home. Whether it’s takeouts, groceries or an item you realised in the moment that you need, all it takes is a few clicks and it will be on your doorstep in no time. Bulk buying is fast becoming a thing of the past because of the delivery apps.

Hate them or love them, mobile apps have revolutionised our way of thinking. They have weaved themselves into our cultural norms. Years ago it was not advisable to jump into a stranger’s car but now we summon one to come pick us up through apps like Uber and Bolt.

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