This year has been great in the film world and as the year passes the excitement continues to grow.

From heartwarming action to thought provoking drama, this year’s final instalments promises to be a cinematic delight.

Here are the top 5 movies we are counting down the days to their release.

1. Movie Title: Blue Beetle

Release Date: 18 August 2023

If you are a DC movie fan, then Blue Beetle is going to be part of your must watch list.

The movie is full of adventure and unlike the concept we are already used to, this one will be a bit different as it brings lightness and innocence compared to other DC Comics. Jaime, the main character, comes across an ancient relic called Scarab which gives him superpowers.

The movie then takes us on Jaime's journey of figuring out how to use his new superpower.

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2. Movie Title: The Retirement Plan

Release Date: 25 August 2023

Nicolas Cage is back on our screen with this comedy and action movie.

The movie follows a retired assassin who is pulled out of retirement when his daughter’s life is at risk.

Follow the father and daughter duo as they fight against a crime boss.

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3.. Movie Title: The Equalizer 3

Release Date: 1 September 2023

The final instalment of The Equalizer trilogy is here and Robert McCall is back to give us a grand finale!

Denzel Washington has expressed his confusion as to why this movie has been so beloved, so he made sure to deliver the concluding chapter of the trilogy to show us how it all ends.

Robert McCall continues his journey to protect the people he cares about and as a retired assassin he puts his skills to use against the Mafia to serve justice.

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4. Movie Title: The Exorcist: Believer

Release Date: 13 October 2023

If you are a big fan of this franchise we know that it has been a long wait for you.

With a bit of a twist from the last movie, this one will be following two young girls that are friends, and they suddenly disappear without a trace.

The mystery of the disappearance of the two young girls will be unravelled.

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5. Movie Title: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Release Date: 20 December 2023

In 2018 we got to see Arthur Curry (Aquaman) go back to home in Atlantis to claim his throne.

Now he will be on a mission again to save Atlantis and the world, you will get to see the return of old villains. We hear that there will be more kingdoms discovered.

Movie Trailer:

We hope you enjoyed our selection, let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for us.


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