We all know how cold it is this winter! Working from home isn't easy unless you have central heating to keep your home warm.

Electric blankets, heaters, air conditioning, or gas tanks can be expensive to buy and maintain in the long run. We have come up with some unthought-of tips and tricks to keep you warm, which won't cost you a fortune.

  • Don’t wear closed/tight shoes

    Tight shoes create an issue where your blood cannot circulate properly. You need oxygen to flow not only to your body and mind but to keep warm.
  • Do some housework

    If you don’t like to exercise, try and clean up the house. A bit of movement always keeps the blood flowing and keeps your area stress-free.
  • Drink water, not alcohol

    Despite popular belief, alcohol doesn’t keep you warm, maybe for a moment. It actually decreases your internal temperature. Opt for water instead.
  • Keep the draft out

    Many have doors, I assume for entering a house and exiting. I’d recommend something to keep the draft out. For those windy days especially!
  • Cooking a hot meal keeps your house warm

    Trapping this heat helps a lot.
  • Cats! (Furry friends)

    Cuddling is known to make you warm but cuddling a furry pet is even better!
  • Go outside

    It’s probably colder inside rather than outside

  • Leave the oven door open

    This is a no-brainer, as there is so much heat generating from cooking - but leaving the door open after you are done cooking helps quite a lot.

    Do you have any tips and tricks for us? Please do let us know in the comment section.


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    Anita M

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