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Fibre has revolutionised internet connectivity in South Africa. But before you can take advantage of a faster-uncapped Internet connection, a Fibre line first needs to be installed in your home. Today we’ll share a quick overview of the Fibre installation process.


Unlike DSL - which only had one last-mile provider - there are hundreds of Fibre providers available.

Fibre infrastructure first needs to be rolled out to your area, estate or complex by a Fibre provider.

Once a Fibre provider has marked your area for roll-out, it can take approximately 3 - 6 months for completion.

You can use the Fibre coverage checker on your preferred ISP’s website to find out if your area is Fibre-ready and which provider is available in your area.

Line installation

The next step is to have a Fibre line brought into your home. While you can sign up in the pre-order phase, the relevant last-mile Fibre provider will only be in touch to get the Fibre line installed at your premises when your area is live. The timeframe for line installation varies depending on the Fibre provider in your area.

Line activation

Once the Fibre line has been installed at your premises, it’s a simple case of getting it activated.

This will usually only take a day but can take up to 5 days depending on the Fibre provider and other factors. Keep an eye on your inbox for communication from your ISP for steps on how to activate your line.

Enjoy fast Fibre internet

The last-mile Fibre provider will let your ISP know that you’re hooked up and ready to go and your ISP will then provision your Internet data. You can then start enjoying blazing-fast Fibre internet.

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