What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is a movement aimed to ‘raise awareness of emerging online issues and current concerns such as digital identity and cyberbullying to name a few.

As an Internet Service Provider, we proudly support such an initiative. While we strive to deliver a 'Pure Internet Joy' experience for our clients - we recognise the equal importance of having a safer internet experience.

This year's theme, “Together for better internet”, speaks to how the effort for a safer and better internet environment will rely on us all joining forces and working together to do more.

To learn more about Safer Internet Day you can visit Safer Internet Day.

Here are some tips for children, young people, parents or carers to exercise safer internet use:

1. Keep your privacy settings on

2. Keep personal information profession and limited

3. Be careful what you download

4. Choose strong passwords

5. Make online purchases from secure sites

For more information on online safety, you can check out the following topics from our Afrihost blog and Help Centre:

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Safer Internet Day and tips on online safety. We’d love to hear your feedback as well as other ways one can exercise online safety.


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