Looking for something to fill up your time? Our team has put together a list of podcasts (old and new) that will keep you company and get you by when the boredom creeps in. Whether you’re cooking, spring cleaning or chilling in your garden – there's a podcast for every mood or occasion!

First things first. If you’re new to podcasts, you might want to get familiar with where you can get podcasts and start downloading.

Google Podcasts

Google offers an app called ‘Google Podcasts’. All you must do is download the app from the Google Play store which is only 2MB. From there, you choose from either the latest trending podcasts or delve deeper into categories such as Business, Sports and Recreation, Technology, Arts and TV.

The bonus feature of this app is that you can subscribe and download any podcast to your phone or across multiple devices for free.


Spotify is ranked as the second most popular in the world for listening to podcasts. It caters to everyone's needs with a variety of genres and styles – including short and long duration podcasts.

We’re talking comedy, with the likes of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah; Lifestyle and Health, where you can keep up with the latest on the Coronavirus or try out guided meditations to declutter your mind. Others include stories, kids and family sections, educational and society and culture.

You can download the Spotify app for Android and iOS on your phone, computer or Smart TV.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is Apple’s free offering to listen to shows of your liking, download episodes and sync your podcast library across all your devices – Apple tv, Apple Watch, iTunes (including Windows), iPhone or iPad. This app is available to download from the App Store.

All set?

Here’s what some Afrihost crew members have been podcasting:

Not another movie pod

I found this podcast when the Watchmen series started last year. They managed to explain each episode so well. This helped a lot in bringing the comics, movie and series together. Since then, I have been hooked. It’s basically, three friends reviewing the latest movies and series, they also have great gossip and news on movies, series and general entertainment.

- Maserati

View the podcast here.

Revisionist History Podcast

This a podcast hosted by successful author Malcom Gladwell where each episode begins with an inquiry about a person, event, or idea, and proceeds to question the received wisdom about the subject.

- Carl

View the podcast here.

Conversations with Mpoomy and Yolz

It’s my absolute favourite. They drop a new podcast every Wednesday about your normal day-to-day conversations about anything and everything, but mainly motivational and inspirational. I also listen to The Sit Down with Olwe2, as well as SuperSoul Conversations by Oprah, Woman evolve by Sarah Jakes, Life with the Lindsey’s and TD Jakes.

- Kabelo M

View the podcast here.

Joe Rogan Experience #1368 - Edward Snowden

One of the most impactful podcasts that I have watched. Broken into sub topics for convenience. Accountability is a very important thing to me, whether from myself to a loved one (my daughter included) to professional relations. I love how intelligent and human Snowden is in his presentation and how clear he makes his reasons after he was besmirched by US govt. I don’t like being passive about impactful and difficult things and he is courageous.

It is well thought out and presented by two intelligent sides. Joe Rogan has the rare ability possessed by few to actually let the interviewee speak until the end of their point. The only other people to do that, that I know are Sway and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Also, the topics discussed are highly contentious and technical at times but Snowden is highly relatable and Rogan intuitive.

An intelligent mind can break highly complicated topics to a relatable level when they understand it.

- Nhati

There you have it. We hope you enjoy these and find them as interesting as we do. We’d love to hear your feedback as well as recommendations for us to feast our ears on! Leave a comment below.


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