Afrihost has a notice board where confirmed connectivity and web hosting-related outages and maintenance are posted. We recommend that the status page be your first point of reference should you find yourself not being able to connect to the internet or if you are experiencing issues with your web hosting (website or emails). You could potentially save time contacting support by checking the page and keeping track of the reported incident from the page/App.

The network status page is available on our website and our Apps (Afrihost and AirMobile)

Navigating the page:

  1. You will find the page on our website
  2. Click on status on the homepage. It is located at the top left corner.

3. The network status page summary will appear.

    Each service has a coloured square next to it.

    • Green means there are currently no issues reported - "All good".
    • Orange indicates low to medium impact incidents reported - " ! ".
    • Red indicates a high-impact incident.

    Low to medium-impact incidents mean some users will be impacted and high-impact means more than 50% to 100% users linked to the incident are affected.

    4. You will also notice that there is an option to view the maintenance page in the right-hand corner of the summary.

    Once you click on a service, you will be taken to the network status page, where you will have access to more information.

    5. At the top of the page, you will find outages, maintenance, and resolved.

      Once an outage has been resolved/cleared, it will move to resolved and no longer appear under outages.

      6. Outages are sorted by latest. This can be changed to sort by severity (impact).

        7. On the left-hand side of the page you will see the product list. This is where you select the service/product you wish to check. There is a radio button that you can select next to each service to view the related outages and or maintenance.

        8. Outages can be searched by province or fibre provider for a quick search.

        You have the option to subscribe via the App, this option allows the app to send push notifications about any outages to your phone.

        Only confirmed outages sent to us by our partners will be posted on the page. In some instances, an outage may be resolved before we get a chance to post it. Generally, an outage is posted and then removed when it is resolved. This is why it is important to check the page regularly when there is an outage/maintenance in your area, to stay updated. Until the incident is listed under "resolved".


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