So we went ahead and looked at what the tech world is cooking up and found quite a few incredibly cool gadgets (at least we think so). A lot of these gadgets are not on the market yet, but they have been confirmed for release this year, and we believe they are worth talking about.

Where is that sound coming from?

Samsung The Music Frame

An electric-powered speaker (and physical photo frame) that can be operated over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is 32.799cm x 32.799cm in dimension and comes in a few confirmed colours (black, white, brown) to fit in with your home decor or other appliances.

What’s cool about it?

It's really just a decent speaker, but it can also be connected to your TV as an external speaker and if you have two, they can be linked for an even better experience.

The release date is yet to be confirmed.

Less tapping, more clicking!

The Clicks case

Physical buttons are back but for iPhone this time! And as an accessory.

In simple terms, it's a phone cover with a keyboard attached to it. But if you asked the founders, they’d say it’s much more than that.

Some of its features include a built-in backlight, a microphone button (as you would get on your onscreen keyboard), and, of course, shortcuts. You can charge your iPhone while connected to the keyboard and the keyboard itself is powered by your iPhone. The overall weight when connected to the phone is well-balanced.

Why are we talking about it?

If you prefer actual buttons to tapping on a screen, this is for you.

You get more screen space but the Clicks case also makes the phone “longer".

It costs 139$ to 159$ (R2640 to R3020) on pre-order.

A pair of glasses that can project multiple screens, virtually.

ASUS AirVision M1

A multitasker's dream?

The glasses connect to a phone or PC via USB-C. They have built-in noise-cancelling microphones and speakers. You can choose an aspect ratio of 16:9, 21:9, or 32 with a 57-degree vertical perspective field of view.

Features like screen brightness and 3D mode activation can be accessed with a tap of a finger on the touchpad located on the left temple side of the glasses.

Why is it cool? (Are you serious?)

Launch date and pricing are yet to be confirmed for this product.

A wall charger and a power bank.

Belkin Hybrid Wall Charge

The Belkin Hybrid Wall charge is exactly what it says it is – a wall charger and a 5,000mAh power bank.

It has different plug adaptors for different countries, which makes it great for traveling.

What makes it worth talking about?

  • You can charge 2 devices at once
  • It fits in your pocket
  • Support USB- A and USB- C
  • Has overvoltage protection
  • Fast charge compatible

Need I say more?

This product is already on the market for 59$ (R1120)

Look, no hands!

Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit

This stand is great for content creators and anyone else who may use the camera for video recording or conferencing.

What makes it cool you ask?

  • It’s the ability to track your face and body movements, it responds by tilting and rotating to keep you in the shot. 360 degrees!
  • It can also tilt 90 degrees up.
  • Doesn’t require an app (because it connects via NFC, with a simple tap to the base of the Dock.)
  • Offers up to 15W wireless charge and will record for 5 hours off charge.
  • MagSafe compatible.
  • iOS integrated (iOS 17 and above)
  • This stand costs 179$ (R3400)

If you have come across other exciting gadgets that you feel are worth talking about, please tell us in the comments, we would love to hear from you.


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