How we use the internet and what we use it for has evolved considerably over the past few years.
The internet now enables us to work from home, stream our favourite shows and even homeschool the kids. But these tasks all have one thing in common – we need reliable, fast, and trustworthy Wi-Fi in order to do them effectively.

The key to having the best internet experience has consistently been dependent on the router you use.
A router needs to provide sufficient coverage to every corner of your home, delivering a buffer-free experience everywhere. With this in mind, Huawei recently unveiled the HUAWEI Wi-Fi Mesh Solution, which provides a Wi-Fi network system that is fast, versatile and stable.

How is Mesh different from your traditional router and
Wi-Fi Extenders?

HUAWEI Mesh Wi-Fi is achieved by using two or more fibre routers to create a seamless network. HUAWEI Mesh routers capture signal more rapidly and send stronger Wi-Fi signals that can cover up to 100m2 per router.

Conventional routers are designed to keep your device connected at all times. These routers, at times, provide limited coverage that becomes spotty the further you move away from the router. This means that even if your device is connected at a range where performance suffers, it will remain connected to the main router, impacting Wi-Fi performance. People often try to fix this problem by adding an extender.
But although these may give you a bit more range, the performance will still be sub-par because the signal being boosted is weak, to begin with.

As a result, pairing a router and extender in your home does not guarantee better quality Wi-Fi. Both options – standard router and extender – may result in dropped connections. Luckily, mesh networking solves these annoying Wi-Fi woes.

The Huawei Mesh network provides coverage throughout the home and ensures a consistently strong blanket-signal in every room. The solution enables you to simultaneously connect up to 64 different devices, such as phones, tablets or notebooks, and still provide a stable connection for each device.

The innovative and high-performance antennas are broadened and foldable, which allows them to bring various Wi-Fi signals together. The Mesh automatically steers devices to the most appropriate band, based on location, distance and device type, prioritising the bolstered 5GHz band where possible. This enables the routers to form one wireless network and ensures your devices automatically connect to the fastest and strongest frequency based on your location while moving around in your home or office.

Upgrade your life with the HUAWEI AI LIFE APP

The new Huawei Mesh solution is managed through the HUAWEI AI LIFE App. Using this app, you can control who is connected to your Wi-Fi, create guest Wi-Fi networks, configure parental control and change your Wi-Fi passwords. Users will also be able to run network diagnostics to pinpoint interference, weak signals and connection problems.

This may sound too good to be true but with the HUAWEI AI LIFE APP, you have the power to manage your smart devices and routers directly from your mobile phone or tablet. The HUAWEI AI LIFE app is available from the HUAWEI AppGallery, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. You can also scan the QR code at the bottom of your device.

The HUAWEI Wi-Fi WS5200 V2: Product specs

The HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 V2 is equipped with a Huawei dual-core 800MHz processor and twice the RAM of conventional routers, which vastly increases the performance demands of the modern user. Compared with the previous generation, the powerful CPU upgrade provides a stable connection for more devices and more services simultaneously. The GE ports also meet the access requirements of Gigabit Fibre.
The external four 5dBi high-performance antennas provide a better signal, while the HUAWEI WiFi WS5200 also supports HUAWEI SmartHome App management.

Three highlights of the HUAWEI Wi-Fi WS5200 V2

1. Dual-core 800MHz CPU for high performance

  • Wi-Fi performance is significantly improved compared to the previous generation.
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is improved by 60%, and 5GHz Wi-Fi is improved by 25%.

2. Four 5dBi high-performance antennas for better coverage

Automatically connects to the best Wi-Fi frequency (2.4GHz/5GHz) based on the location of the device.

3. Gigabit Ethernet ports

Equipped with full GE ports so it can meet the access requirements for 100+Mbps broadband users.

Where can I get my Mesh?

The Huawei WS5200 V2 Mesh is now available at Afrihost.


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