With the advancement of technology, the quality of videos produced is out of this world. We are already at 8K resolution, which really gives you a sense that you could touch the images in real life. In order to enjoy what the world has to offer in movies, series, video games, and clips from the internet in the comfort of your home, you need to have the setup that will allow you to do so. In this article, we have put together factors to consider if you want to experience uninterrupted video streaming at home.

Optimise your screen

While it would be great to purchase an 8K or 4K TV, it may not be within your budget. Don't get down on yourself though; a high-definition (HD) TV can do the job without breaking the bank. You can get the most out of your HD TV by making sure that you have the correct screen resolution settings, uninstalling apps that are not in use, and exiting platforms when you are done to ensure that they are not running in the background. It would be wise to purchase a streaming stick as an add-on to your TV. It puts less strain on your TV because you would have other processes running on the stick.

Invest in an internet package with decent speeds

When choosing an internet connection package, affordability is a huge factor, so it is understandable to go for nothing more than you absolutely need. You should consider how many heavy internet users you have in your household, the quality of your devices, as well as your overall needs from the internet, as this will impact everyone's experience. The resources will be shared between all of these activities. You can visit our speed wizard to check which line speed would be best for you.

Improve your network set up

Your router placement needs to be central enough to effectively provide all of your devices with a sufficient amount of bandwidth throughout your home. If that is not an option, getting a mesh kit or a WiFi extender would help with those dead zones in your home. Whether you are using your laptop, cellphone, or watching TV, you should be able to stream without any interruptions.

Embrace Ethernet

The idea that using an Ethernet or LAN cable is outdated is false. The most stable connection will always be through a cable as it has less interference than WiFi. Wherever possible, connect using a LAN cable. Things like your gaming console or streaming box should preferably be connected to your router via an Ethernet cable.

Keep things cool

Electronic devices don't perform well in extremely high temperatures, so make sure there is enough airflow where they are positioned and that they are not exposed to direct sunlight. This includes your ONT, router, streaming box, and gaming console. If you start experiencing buffering issues, checking the temperature of these devices should be one of your first steps.

There are other things you can do to get the best out of your streaming, such as downloading the content for offline streaming and keeping your devices updated. If you have some spare change, you could even consider upgrading some of your devices to enjoy compatibility with modern platforms.

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