Fibre first graced our shores over a decade ago and brought cheaper, faster internet for South Africans. There are however many communities that are still waiting for coverage so we want to highlight things you can try to possibly get the Fibre Network Operators (FNOs) to bring fibre to your community. We also want to touch on how fibre coverage affects fibre pricing.

Fibre coverage map

When you are ready to start your fibre journey, the first place to start looking is a fibre coverage map. All ISPs, including us, will have a coverage map where you need to type in your full physical address to check if your area is covered for fibre. The map is essentially a database of all official physical addresses and the fibre status in the area. When you check the fibre coverage in your area, you may find that there is no coverage, fibre is coming soon, or the area is covered for fibre.

What to do if you have no fibre coverage and are interested

Here are a few things you can try to get fibre in your area:

  • Get an expression of interest from the community

FNOs will only consider rolling out fibre in an area that they stand a chance of getting their investment returned, which is only fair. Most FNOs also have an expression of interest on their website – this can be used by the community to motivate for coverage. Here is a few listed below:

  1. Metrofibre
  2. Vumatel
  3. Openserve
  • A community leader can reach out to ISPs for some assistance

We as ISPs can reach out to the closest FNO(s) in the area on behalf of the governing body. FNOs will however need an estimated number of subscribers that are interested, which is crucial. Without this data, there’s little for the FNOs to work with.

  • Communities can also work with bodies within the area that raise awareness

For example, you can speak to the local security company in your area to distribute fliers asking residents to express their interest in fibre.

What it means to have fibre coverage that is not live yet

It means that an FNO has committed to laying the fibre infrastructure in your area, and the work will start soon or the work has started but is not completed. The fibre will not go live until they have completed the work. Our website will allow you to sign in the meantime and we will let you know as soon as the fibre is live.

Fibre coverage and pricing

You may have noticed that there are packages that are not available to you, despite seeing them on our website or ads. With fibre, if there is only one FNO available in your area then that is the one you have to go with. That is the reason why different areas are priced differently.

With all that being said, there are no guarantees of when the FNOs will bring fibre to your area. In the meantime, there are fast broadband options available that can meet your needs. Please let us know if there is anything related that we left on the comment section or on our social media pages.


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