As Afrihost Brand Ambassadors, we're accustomed to technical jargon that make up our daily social engagements with you, our clients.

We know some of the terms we put out there may seem puzzling, and to help you understand them, we've put together a glossary:

Account number

Your Afrihost account number begins with the letter A (e.g. A12345678)

You can find your account number within your Afrihost invoices or via ClientZone under the Billing tab.

ClientZone email address

The email address used to sign up for your Afrihost accounts. It is also the username used to log into ClientZone.

We typically ask for your ClientZone email or ID number and cellphone number when we need to locate your profile on our system.

It is crucial that you share your personal information via DM (Direct Message) or Messenger and never in a public post/comment to us.


A web hosting control panel that allows you to modify various account settings quickly and simply. cPanel is accessible via ClientZone.

Credit note

Monies owed to the client. It reflects on the Afrihost account and can offset future billing if not refunded.


Domain Name System. The internet component that transforms human-readable domain names (such as into computer-readable IP addresses (e.g.,

A DNS will be needed if you wish to change your hosting package and how it functions.

For example, pointing your website or email accounts to a third-party host.

Other instances would include changing name servers or MX Records (mail exchanger).


If the social team cannot solve a query, they will escalate it to specialists in other departments designated to handle specific products, like Fibre or Fixed LTE. They speak to network operators directly and provide feedback.


Estimated Time of Resolution. This would apply to the resolution of a network outage.


Fibre Network Operator (i.e. Vumatel, Openserve, Frogfoot)

Lead times

The average time it will take for a fibre line to be installed and activated at your home.

Object number

This is the number for your Fibre line. For example, the Vumatel line number starts with VT or 4857/ZN, and for other Fibre providers, we refer to it as an FSAN number.

🖱️ How to find your Object/VT number


The Fibre ONT is an Optical Network Terminal, also known as a CPE, Client Premises Equipment. The ONT is usually a small white plastic box placed on a wall inside. However, they may vary in size and colour depending on the provider doing the fibre installation.

Session audit

Refreshing the data connection for Mobile and Fixed LTE instances. This may occur if you're experiencing intermittent services. The session audit on the services may stabilize the connection once again.

Ticket ID

Your support ticket reference number. It will look like ABC-123-45678. You can use this reference when interacting with a support agent or the social team.


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