Mobile apps have unquestionably made our daily lives a lot easier. Since the pandemic hit, most people spend more time on their smartphones using and downloading apps to manage everyday tasks.

According to Statista, users downloaded 28.2 billion apps from Google Play and 8.4 million downloads from the Apple App Store in the first quarter of 2021 worldwide.

Annual mobile app downloads worldwide:




218 billion204 billion192.45 billion


The social media team shares the most functional apps they use regularly:

1. EskomSePush | Android & iOS

With load-shedding reoccurring and so often unexpectedly - this local app comes in handy to keep you updated and hopefully out of the dark.


  • You can enable push notifications to get updated
  • It has extensive coverage - you can add more than one location
  • There is a chat platform that connects you to your community or neighbourhood
  • The app is free to use
“I like to keep track of locations I frequent or when I need to move elsewhere instead of waiting it out.”

Sinazo rates 4/5

2. ABSA Banking App | Android, iOS & Huawei App Gallery

Banking on the go is quick and convenient, especially in these times we are living in. It is a bonus if your bank allows you to do all that you need from the tip of your fingers.


  • You can get stamped bank statements from the app
  • You can purchase electricity, airtime or data for yourself or someone else
  • Keep your accounts secure
  • Buy funeral cover
“It allows me to conveniently address most of my banking without needing to visit the branch.”

Carl rates 4/5 (“It needs to be zero-rated. Then I'll give it a 5.")

3. Audible: Audiobooks & Podcasts | Android, iOS & Windows

This app allows you to listen to audiobooks and podcasts anywhere and at any time. Whether you are driving, cleaning, needing meditation or guided sleep - Audible has a program for you. It houses more than 200 000 audio programs, which vary from best-selling novels, magazines, speeches and interviews.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Wide selection of audiobooks and podcasts
  • Library syncs across devices
  • Listen anytime, anywhere
"Audible is a good app for listening to audiobooks on the go.”

Myles rates 5/5

4. Flo | Android & iOS

This is a popular health app for women, useful for tracking menstrual cycles and other related reproductive health matters. Flo uses machine learning based on the data you give it, such as logging your symptoms. The more this is done, the more reliable and accurate the app is.


  • Reminders
  • Flo health assistant
  • Diet and exercise information
  • Graphs and reports
“The information there is always 99% accurate.”

Pulane rates 5/5

5. Shazam | Android & iOS

Gone are the days of recording songs on your phone and transcribing the lyrics to find the title or artist. Thank goodness for Shazam! This app is truly the best way of discovering music around you.


  • Integrates with Apple Music and Spotify
  • Auto Shazam to identify music in the background
  • Built into Siri
  • Keeps record of all your Shazams
“It allows me to find out what the name of a song is by simply recording the song.”

Alex rates 5/5

6. Notes for Android

Most note and reminder apps come pre-installed with your phone. These are great for jotting down ideas, your shopping lists and more wherever you are. They are easily accessible and stored, unlike handwritten notes that can disappear. If you don't have a note app, check out:

  • Evernote
  • Google Keep
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Simplenote
"I set reminders on there, my groceries list. It manages a lot for me."

Modiegi rates 5/5

7. FatSecret South Africa | Android, iOS & Windows

If you are trying to eat healthier and lose a few kilos, this app helps you do just that with its calorie counter.


  • Recipes
  • Image recognition of foods - Customised to each countries food and brands
  • Supportive community
  • Integrates with Health app and Fitbit
“FatSecret keeps track of my weight and food intake (calories and macros). It also has a lot of food locally loaded on so, it's more helpful that they did that.

Anita rates 5/5

Tell us which apps you find most useful. Leave a comment below or on our social media platforms.


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