During this lockdown, you might end up up running of ideas on what to do. There are only so many movies and series to watch! So, what are some of the alternatives to keeping yourself and your family entertained?

We've came up with our TOP 5 family game night ideas for you to try.

Egyptian War

Similar to regular War, Egyptian Ratscrew is an advanced card game. The object of the game is to take possession of all the cards in the deck. This game could last 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the intensity of the game and the aggressiveness of the players. Follow the link to read up on all the rules.


You can never go wrong with a classic game like charades. Simply split into teams and then have one person from each team act out a movie, describe a book, or TV show to see who can guess the answer.

Crazy Eights

This game of cards gets the blood pumping as you try to finish all the cards in your hands. The rules may vary from group to group however if you wish to have another official look at the rules...

30 seconds

Not sure if you have heard of this game... but 30 seconds can be the ultimate fun! It’s a fast-paced highly competitive, general knowledge game. In teams, one person has to explain within 30 seconds, 5 names, places, movies, celebrities, anything really, shown on the card - without saying the words on the card. The rules of the game here.

What am I?

This is available for download on the app store. It’s also fun, light and good for the family. It’s a party game for groups and comes with different activities such as dancing, singing, and drawing. Available for download on Android: Download it here.

Suggest some games in the comment section for people to try out? We’d love to hear it.


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