Whether you are working from home, have a study or a small corner you use to write and use your computer, it's important to make this space comfortable and constructive. We've put together a small list of items that can really help and maybe boost productivity as an added bonus.

1. Mug Warmer

Prices from about R100+

Take your time and enjoy your coffee (or tea) with a mug warmer. This device keeps your beverage warmer for longer, while you work. Some mug warmers even offer various temperature settings to suit your preference. This has to be a game changer for coffee lovers!

2. Desk organiser

Piece from R200+

Say cheerio to desk clutter! The paper tray, pen holder and sticky notes square must go. This desk organiser can fit your books, papers, and all your other work tools in one spot, making sure everything is within arm's reach without taking up too much space.

3. Wireless charging pad

Price from R250+

Experience the ultimate convenience with a universal charging pad. This pad enables you to power the pad using just one cable while effortlessly charging any device that supports wireless charging. The best part? You can reduce the wear and tear on your device's charging port.

4. Desk Fridge

Price from R1900+

It's a mini fridge that sits on your desk and keeps your snacks cool. If you get thirsty while working, you can grab a drink without completely interrupting your work. It's quiet, compact, and comes in a variety of cute designs to complement any workspace.

5. Desk lamp

Price from R200+

A good lamp must have flexibility in terms of light distribution, the convenience of being rechargeable, and the ability to adjust the brightness. This lamp is great for various activities such as gaming, studying, working, and even reading. With just one lamp, a multitude of tasks can be accomplished.

Investing in the look and feel of our workspaces is a good idea, as it can have an impact on our mood and ultimately affect the quality of work we produce when we are in those spaces. Other than the desk fridge, these products shouldn't break the bank and If you shop around, you could get a great deal on some of them.

Tell us what products were a game changer in your workplace in the comments below.


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Unathi M

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