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Essential Pure LTE Info

We’ve received many queries from clients who are having trouble understanding how their MTN Fixed LTE (Pure LTE) service works. We’ve listed a few frequently asked questions here for your convenience – so you don’t have to wait in a queue or on hold for an answer.

Where can I use my Fixed Wireless Services?
MTN lock the service to a single tower on their network, and the device cannot be used at any other location. The address you entered when you signed up (to check coverage) is the only location that will be allowed to connect on that SIM. If you try to connect from another location, the service will not work.
Please bear in mind that this is intended to be a fixed service, not a mobile service. It is not designed to be used at multiple locations.
We hope this helps. Please also check out our Help Centre for more useful tips to get the best out of your Afrihost products.

Which routers are supported?
MTN only allows approved devices to use Fixed LTE SIMs. MTN currently supports these devices:
A. Huawei B525
B. Huawei B612
C. Huawei B618
D. ZTE MF286

If you use any other device, it will not work. More importantly, if you use an unapproved device, MTN could lock the device and/or the SIM out of the network. We offer an approved device exclusively with our Pure LTE deals.

How long does it take for Pure LTE to be activated?
Please allow for at least 48 hours for the service to be activated. While we generally see that some activations can happen within a few hours, this cannot be guaranteed. The process cannot be sped up and must be processed by MTN. We understand it can be frustrating, but please bear with us and wait for the initial 48 hours. We’ve seen very few cases (if any) of activations taking longer than 48 hours. 

Setting up and using your Pure LTE connection is super easy so if you need more info, you can visit the links below:

Also, if you need help with your APN settings, click here for more information on how this works.