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11 helpful Windows 10 shortcuts

Here are 11 Windows 10 shortcuts that will definitely make your life a lot easier while you are navigating through your desktop.

List of shortcuts

  1. Alt + Tab – This will allow you to switch between applications
  2. Windows key + D – This will display and hide your desktop
  3. If you press F2 while you have any icon highlighted it will allow you to rename the icon.
  4. Windows key + Alt + D – This will display and hide the date and time on the desktop.
  5. Windows key + S – This will display the search bar.
  6. Windows key – This will open and close the start menu.
  7. Windows key + I – This will open the settings menu.
  8. Windows key + M – This will minimize all windows.
  9. Windows key + T – This will allow you to cycle through your taskbar.
  10. Windows key + . or ; – This will open the emoji tab.
  11. Windows key + Tab – this will open the task view.

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