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Air Mobile is here!

What is Air Mobile? 

Afrihost Mobile has rebranded to Air Mobile, offering new prepaid data packages. 

Although Air Mobile runs on the MTN network, Air Mobile offers competitive prepaid data and voice bundles. 

Users with an MTN prepaid SIM card can sign up for Air Mobile using their mobile number, and begin receiving 1GB free data every month. Clients who sign up in time for the promotion will receive their free data every month until the 30 September 2019.

Air Mobile is spilt in two packages, Air Mobile Monthly, and the other is our Air Mobile prepaid offering: 

Our Air Mobile packages are for everyone’s BUDGET! All you need to get connected is an MTN Prepaid SIM card, select your data and/or airtime amount and sign up. 

Air Mobile data services price packages are as follows: 

Air Mobile Prepaid: 

100MB R10 25 Minutes R25 
250MB R25 50 Minutes   R50 
500MB R45 100 Minutes R100 
1GB R69 200 Minutes R200 
2GB R137 300 Minutes R300 
3GB R197 400 Minutes R400 
5GB R297 500 Minutes R500 
–  1000 Minutes R1000 

Air Mobile Monthly: 

Your Package Data Increment* Data Auto‑Limit* Airtime Increment* Airtime Auto‑Limit* 
Mobile XS 250MBs 1GB R25.00 R100.00 
Mobile S 500MBs 2GBs R25.00 R200.00 
Mobile M 500MBs 3GBs R25.00 R300.00 
Mobile L 1GB 5GBs R25.00 R400.00 
Mobile XL 1GB 6GBs R50.00 R500.00 
Mobile 2XL 1GB 7GBs R50.00 R750.00 
Mobile 3XL 2GBs 8GBs R50.00 R1000.00 
Mobile 4XL 2GBs 10GBs R50.00 R1500.00 

In Conclusion:

Air Mobile runs on the “MTN Bozza Network”. The quickest and easiest way to get connected is to get a MTN Prepaid SIM card. And remember, sign up today and we’ll sweeten the deal by giving you 1GB FREE data every month for the first 3 months.  

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