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Our Top #4 Drones

Today, we look at drones. Whether you have you seen drones on TV or heard the mention of them, they certainly cannot be ignored. If you are ready to take your photography to a higher-level then read on! We’ll take you through our top pick of drones in the market you should consider.

DJI Spark

They say dynamite comes in small packages.   

  • 12 MP Camera on a mechanical gimbal  
  • 2 km HD WiFi video transmission  
  • GPS with Return to home  
  • 16 min Max flight time  
  • Remote controller required  

Price range: R8,000

Available here.

Parrot Anafi

Ultra-compact and foldable yet delivers high quality videos and photos. 

  • 21MP Camera on a 180-degree tilt mechanical gimbal  
  • 4 km Max range 
  • GPS with return to home 
  • 4K HDR videos  
  • 25 min Max flight time 
  • Comes complete with an equally tiny and foldable Parrot Skycontroller 3. 

Price range: R10,000

Available here.

DJI Mavic Air

Ultraportable and foldable with high-end flight performance.

  • 12MB Camera on a 3-Axis mechanical gimbal  
  • 32MP Sphere paranomas 
  • 10 km Max range 
  • Object avoidance 
  • GPS with return to home 
  • 4K 100Mbps video 
  • 21 min Max flight time 
  • Remote controller required 

Price range: R15,000 

Available here.

DJI Inspire 2

Built for professionals, a definite improvement from the DJI Inspire 1. 

  • 20.8MP Camera with Mechanical Gimbal 
  • 5.2K Video at 24fps 
  • 7KM range 
  • 92kph speed  
  • Up to 27 min Max flight time 

Available here.

I hope we have made your drone decision easier for you. You can also check out our post about mid-range cameras. Let us know your thoughts on the comment below or our social media pages.