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Make the Internet work for you with IFTTT

I firmly believe that the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us and is gaining more traction every day. Enter IFTTT – If This Then That. I’m sure the coders among us recognise the statement!

Let’s take a look at what makes it tick and some of the best recipes to get you started 🙂

If you’re anything like me you’ll be fascinated by the internet, how it works and everything it’s spawned out in its web of absolute awesome. IoT and Bitcoin are the two that are right up there for me!

Let’s concentrate on IFTTT for a bit.

It was founded a few years back to connect services, devices and things that can communicate to the internet and make them useful and communicate with each other, in a sense, where they previously wouldn’t be able to.

So previously where you’d have to keep checking the New York times for breaking news of headlines as an example, you can now setup a recipe with IFTTT to send you a mail (or a PushBullet, or anything really) listing their top articles. You’ll probably want to sign-up now and start impressing your friends.

Automation is the way to go as far as I’m concerned, even though my Mom thinks it’s the lazy way, but if there’s something that can be automated I’ll do it to better streamline my workflows and eventually help in my daily routine.

matrix hacker ifttt

IFTTT also doesn’t only cover internet services like the New York Times, Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox – but it also hooks into your Smart Home devices since those are connected to the internet.

Awesome, right?

IFTTT has also grown substantially over the years starting off with a few niche services, eventually breaking out and seeing Developers for various products, services and sites join the party and publish it to the platform.

The platform’s split into multiple parts, mixed between Triggers, Actions, Recipes and Channels. All of these unique items mix together and create your recipe. Let’s take a look at some of the recipes I personally use and are a good starting point. IFTTT does a much better job of explaining how things work, you can check that out here.

IFTTT recipes to get you started:

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet Happy New Year! connects date-time to twitter
IFTTT Recipe: Add a random #Wikipedia article to #Feedly every day to increase my knowledge connects date-time to feedly
IFTTT Recipe: Get an email if there will be rain in your area tomorrow connects weather to email
IFTTT Recipe: Track your work hours in Google Calendar connects ios-location to google-calendar
IFTTT Recipe: When NASA published their image of the day, update it as my Android wallpaper connects space to android-device
IFTTT Recipe: When I achieve my daily goal with FitBit, flash my Philips Hue lights connects fitbit to philips-hue
IFTTT Recipe: When my room becomes too noisy, send Android a notification connects netatmo-weather-station to if-notifications
IFTTT Recipe: Turn on WiFi when you get home to save data on your wireless bill connects android-location to android-device
IFTTT Recipe: Build a Twitter list from a specific hashtag connects twitter to twitter
IFTTT Recipe: Automatically turn on your lights at sunset connects weather to philips-hue

Share the recipes that you use in the comments!