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How to improve your home WiFi network!

Your new router has just arrived and you’ve just finished setting it all up! You connect to the network and begin living your best life as you browse the net and watch videos from the comfort of your couch. You get up and meander to the kitchen to boil a cup of tea and suddenly observe your connection has taken a turn for the worst. “What is this?!” you cry in anguish, raising a fist to the internet gods and curse the concrete wall between you and your router.

You may be in a WiFi dead spot, a common occurrence in South African homes (Which are incredibly sturdy and WiFi unfriendly with their solid brick/concrete structure)

Not to worry! There are some solutions available to you to remedy this cursed state. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

WiFi Dead Spot detectors

There are a number of excellent apps on the market currently to help you work out where the dead zones are in your house. Try WiFi Heatmap or WiFi Analyzer from Google Play or the iStore. Not only do these show you your dead spots, they also help you identify the best spot for a repeater or booster!

Buy a range extender

If you have a particularly large or dense house, you may want to consider upgrading the network using a range extender or repeater. Repeaters essentially bounce a signal from the router extending it, whereas extenders are more hard wired solutions to provide a solid connection using the cabling in your electrical circuits. A great example is the TP-Link AC1750, which plugs directly into the wall to provide near perfect connections!

Consider a mesh network

Mesh networks are newer tech than the tried and tested extenders of yesteryear. Essentially these provide a blanketed layer of connectivity over your house. Most mesh networks come with 4 nodes (repeaters) but can be extended up to 32 if need be.These are set up around the house and then connected to the network to provide coverage throughout the house. Check out an example here:

There you go, some simple solutions to alleviate daily frustration! Got some tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below or on social!

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