Is your home WiFi deal a match?

Picking a home WiFi deal is tricky. Especially, when the price is a major factor. A fibre internet package must be perfect for you and suit your needs. 

Imagine your home internet as a potential date. It needs to meet a list of criteria before you’ll be comfortable introducing it to your Mom.

In the dating world, people often find themselves with a significant other that isn’t what they bargained for. The same situation can happen to you with your home WiFi package.

You could be a single occupant in a home where the WiFi is suitable. Or in a situation, where the home WiFi is too light-weight for the number of people living in the home and their needs.

We’ve come up with a few scenarios that will help you find the perfect home connection, at the right price!

Behind Door Number 1: 8Mbps from R399pm

At R399pm, Mr. 8Mbps Pure Fibre offers you a great entry point to the world of high-speed home internet. He’s a simple man and doesn’t mind taking it easy.

With Mr. 8Mbps Pure Fibre you can:

  • Connect two or more devices.
  • Check your emails daily.
  • Browse the web and social media.
  • Stream videos in HD on one device.
  • Great for one person working from home.

Behind Door Number 2: 20Mbps from R797pm

Mr. 20Mbps Pure Fibre who comes in at a price-point of R797pm. Mr. 20Mbps is a little more capable than Mr. 8Mbps, and wants to take you out for a nice dinner. 

With Mr. 20Mbps Pure Fibre:

  • Enjoy Skype group video calls.
  • Stream HD videos on two or more devices.
  • Enjoy light gaming sessions.
  • Run all your online programs and check your emails easily.
  • Excellent for 2 people on the same WiFi network.

Behind Door Number 3: 40Mbps from R917pm

Mr. 40Mbps Pure Fibre enters the scene at R917pm. He has a bit more swagger than the other gentlemen.

With Mr. 40Mbps Pure Fibre:

  • Connect multiple devices to the same network.
  • Stream videos in both HD and 4K.
  • Play epic online games.
  • 3-5 people can browse the internet. 
  • Transfer large files online.

Behind Door Number 4: 100Mbps from R1117pm

Mr. 100Mbps Pure Fibre arrives at your door with roses, red wine and a luxury car. He’s here to sweep you off your feet and for good reason. 

With Mr. 100Mbps Pure Fibre:

  • Your whole family can use the same internet connection.
  • Transfer multiple files online.
  • Play multiple online sessions of your favourite games, and even lets your friends join in.
  • Live in the cloud with no issues at all. 
  • Stream video in 4K all the time. 

The question now is: who is the right match for you? If you already know, choose your future fibre partner here: