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Alexa or Google Home?

With everything we hear about the two most popular voice assistants, it’s hard to know which one to pick. Knowing their advantages (and disadvantages) could help you make a well-informed purchase, and I’m here to assist you with that.  

Amazon Alexa  

Amazon Alexa, known simply as Alexa, is developed by Amazon. Alexa can perform a variety of simple tasks, like playing music, You can also use Alexa in your smart home to dim the lights, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and control other smart home devices.

Alexa is said to be the perfect voice assistant for smart tech beginners and hobbyists. 

Google Home: 

Google Home is a Wi-Fi speaker that doubles as a smart home control hub and a personal assistant for the entire family. You can use it to playback entertainment throughout your home, effortlessly manage everyday tasks, and ask Google things you want to know. 

Google home is said to be the voice assistant that offers informed answers while still making strong tech advances. 
Alexa (R4,695) 
Make phone calls 
Control your TV 
Get the news 
Entertain your kids for hours
Play Music 
Controlling your lights,
appliances, switches
Google Home (R2,995) 
Ability to answer questions 
Cast video to your TV 
Cast audio to multiple devices. 
Hands-free calling 
Bluetooth audio streaming 
Works with free Spotify Account

Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have developed into excellent voice assistants. They have dueling sets of features: Alexa supports slightly more smart home devices, for instance, while Google lets you upload your own music to its cloud. 

Tell us which one you would buy in the comment section below 👇🏽

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