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3 tips to help you save mobile data when using WhatsApp

Most people use their cell phones to chat through WhatsApp, watch videos on YouTube, talk and send files through WhatsApp. But those files can devour your data before you know it. Here are a few things you can do to save your mobile data when using WhatsApp.

1. Set your back-ups to Wi-Fi only 

WhatsApp automatically makes a daily backup of your chats and media which it stores as a file on your phone.  

To set the backup to WIFI only 

  • go to the WhatsApp settings and  
  • select ‘chat backup’  
  • then scroll down to the section which says ‘back up over’.  

When you select this option it will let you choose to back up over Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and mobile data.  

Verify that only ‘Wi-Fi’ is selected. You can change your back up settings from daily to weekly or monthly according to your preferences. The backup option allows your phone to retrieve your recent conversation history and contents when you switch phones or re-install the app.

2. Disable automatic downloads of videos and images 

WhatsApp groups are notorious for sending videos and images which can consume a lot of data. You can stop WhatsApp from auto-downloading large media files. Adjust the settings on your WhatsApp so that videos, images and documents that are sent to you via the app do not automatically download when you receive them unless you are in a Wi-Fi connected zone. 

To adjust your settings,  

  • go to your WhatsApp account and click on ‘settings’  
  • then select ‘data usage’.  
  • Under the ‘Media auto-download’ section you can select ‘when using mobile data’  
  • Then deselect photos, audio, video and documents so that they do not automatically download when you are using mobile data. 

3. Track your data usage  

It is good to realize how much data is being utilized. WhatsApp has some point by point and fascinating insights that give clients an idea of how much data it is consuming.  

To start tracking your usage,  

  • Go to the WhatsApp menu,  
  • then select Settings you will see a Data and storage usage option,  
  • select it to reveal the Network usage.  

It gives you a summary of your data usage since you installed WhatsApp. You can reset all values to zero and begin checking once again so you can have a superior understanding regarding your use following several days. 

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