3-steps to boosting your WiFi network

A single WiFi router is often not enough to ensure consistent WiFi coverage across your home. A WiFi Signal Booster is all sometimes all that is needed. The steps below will help you setup your WiFi Signal Booster and maximise your coverage.

Hardware manufacturers use the term WiFi Signal Booster, WiFi Repeater and, WiFi Extender to describe their hardware. There are different names for the same device and all fulfill the same function.

1. Find the best place for your WiFi signal booster.

I recommend downloading WiFi Analyzer (Google Store and iTunes Store). This app will let you identify the best place for your WiFi signal booster by showing where your WiFi signal starts to drop off significantly.


2. Unbox your WiFi Signal Booster.

Now it’s simply a matter of placing your WiFi signal booster at the point where your main WiFi router’s coverage starts to drop off. Your WiFi Signal Booster will need a wall plug for power.



3. Setting up your WiFi Signal Booster.

To access your WiFi Signal Booster’s settings, you will connect to the WiFi Signal Booster using the device’s default details. This is usually printed on a sticker under the WiFi Signal Booster.

I recommend using a different WiFi network name for your signal booster. Using the same WiFi network name on your WiFi booster will cause drops in connectivity in areas where the two WiFi networks overlap.


And you are done!

Now you can sit back and enjoy your improved WiFi coverage.

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