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3 Apps for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

Here is a list of 3 applications that will allow you to audit your usage. All the applications are small, so they won’t eat up much data when you download them.
We all understand that data is the lifeforce of our existence these days. Given the importance of this precious commodity it is vital that we track where it is being used. Especially given its cost.

My Data Manager:

This is a simple and undemanding app. It will help you answer, ‘How much data have I used?’ and ‘Where did my data go?’.


• Alarm feature to let you know when your data is almost finished.
• Easy and simple to navigate. You won’t have to be tech savvy in order use the full functionality of this app.

Glasswire Mobile App:

This is the most aesthetically pleasing app with some awesome features! Enjoy smooth live traffic monitoring graphs and an easy to use user interface that makes the whole experience enjoyable.

• Firewall feature: This feature will allow you to stop the network activity of an app.
• Live graph that tracks usage of active apps will allow you to see which app is using your data.

Data Monitor

This is the most jam packed app in the lineup with some handy features to analyse your data usage with greater detail.

• The apps pulls all your information for the current month even if you have only installed the app in the middle of the month.
• It also has extra features, such as being able to run a ping test and much more.


All the apps also require that you give permission to the app to access certain files. If you don’t give permission the app won’t work correctly.
(Unfortunately, not all the apps mentioned are supported by both Android and iOS)

The overall winner here is Glasswire. It has all the features you need along with a clean and simple to use interface. The rest are also great, it is worthwhile to download them and give them a try. They might just suite your needs.