A WordPress plugin is a simple software app that you can “plug-in” to your WordPress website if you would like to add functionality or extend an existing functionality on your site. There are approximately more than 50 000 plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, this allows you to be able to create or develop any kind of website you want.

The best WordPress plugins address critical aspects of a website such as speed, user-friendliness, and, security.

Let’s discuss a few plugins that address these aspects in the best way and why you can count on them to make your website as dynamic as possible:


If you’re thinking about turning your website into a fully functional online store, this is the plugin for you. WooCommerce is known as the go-to eCommerce plugin with endless customization features. You can sell both digital and physical products, set currencies as well as unlimited images per product, enable subscriptions, auto-detect a customer's location to make shipping calculations easier, and a whole lot more.

Despite having all these cool features, the stand-out characteristic that makes this plugin so popular within the WordPress community is the fact that it’s constrained by Automattic (the team behind WordPress), so basically, some would say “WooCommerce is WordPress” and vice versa. Because of that, you can consider WooCommerce to be one high-quality and reliable plugin for your eCommerce website.

All In One SEO

This plugin is responsible for making optimizations on your website that will ultimately result in your website ranking higher in search engine results. Users are able to complete audits throughout the site to help them understand where changes can be made to improve the website's rank.

On each page, you have access to the web page’s metadata (data about the page read by the search engine such as keywords and descriptions). Learning how to optimize your site can be an intimidating task but this user-friendly feature makes things simple for new and experienced website owners that need to improve their website’s rank on search engines and ultimately influence traffic.


Jetpack is a plugin that offers the capabilities of many plugins in one and is also developed by the team behind WordPress, Automattic. This “all-in-one” plugin has more to offer than the regular WordPress plugin from traffic growth monitors, malware security scans, and SEO tools to mention a few from the endless feature list.

Installing too many plugins on your website can affect the website’s speed and overall performance. Jetpack is virtually the perfect alternative because it’s basically a single pack, containing multiple plugins, that can you can always add or remove to your website if the need ever arises.

Broken Link Checker

Your website may have links that direct to missing web pages; this can negatively impact your website’s SEO ranking because search engines consider websites with broken links “untrustworthy”. Broken links can also bring about different error messages while a user is browsing through your site, this is enough to turn their visiting experience into an absolute disappointment.

Broken link checker scans your website for any broken links and alerts you as soon as a broken link is detected. From there, you can then address the issues involving the broken links. This plugin is technically a must-have for any website.

WP Forms

It is essential that your website has effective and functional forms if you, as the site owner, would like to communicate with visitors. WP forms is one of the most popular and user-friendly form builders in the market - it makes adding forms to your website easier.

The plugin has both a free and premium version. The free version comes with basic contact form features such as form fields, CAPTCHA, and email notifications - whilst the premium version has more functionality such as integrations, multi-page forms, survey functionality, and a lot more. It is also 100% responsive, meaning your website forms are guaranteed to look good on any device, from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

To wrap it up

The WordPress plugin directory has several more plugins that have proven to be equally as effective as the above-mentioned. Before installing a plugin to your WordPress website it’s important that you understand the functionality that you would like to add to your website and compare all plugins that can fulfill the functionality before settling on a specific plug-in. Don’t settle for less than the best.


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