What’s one of the best things to do under the tropical sun of a long South African summer’s day? Braai! Along with family and friends, good music, chatter; and in the background, the sound of children running and giggling around the yard to their heart’s content - coupled with more food and drinks of course.

Although things may be a little different this time around since we've adapted to the "new normal" under COVID-19 restrictions. We may not have the luxuries of fulfilling all that we wanted to do or see some family or friends over the holiday period.

So what better way to create new traditions and memories right in your backyard?

The social media team rounded up some very “important tips” drawing from (I would assume) eventful experiences:

  1. “Lol. Wors always goes last.” - Molefi

  2. “😂 Rule number 1 (to Molefi’s point) and the chicken always goes first.” - Simphiwe

  3. “Chicken takes forever to braai” - Ani

  4. “If possible, marinate and spice the meat overnight, it gives the meat a richer flavour before it hits the grill.” - Alex

  5. “The Braai Master is allowed to taste while braaing.” - Carl

In case you didn’t know, tip number five is referred to as “Braai tax”.

But on a more serious note, we’re no experts, so we suggest you turn to some to make your #Staycation braai a homey and smooth one. Hint, hint: Google is your friend.

Stay safe, happy braaing and enjoy the holiday season!

    By Sinazo T