Staying indoors will be the theme for this December. While we won’t get to travel a lot with what’s left of the year, our palettes can still go on a culinary adventure. Luckily, with the obsessive nature that Netflix seems to shoot cooking shows, we have a ton of inspiration to follow with the new dishes we can bring home. Here’s our list of some awesome food shows:

Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner

Now while this may not be a cooking show in its traditional fashion, Chef David Chang spends some time with his celeb friends - including Chrissy Teigen and Kate McKinnon - exploring different cities and their cuisines. A lot can be learned about the different dishes we’ve come to love from around the world:

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Now, this show is pretty awesome. Food columnist, Samin Nosrat travels around the globe exploring the 4 main elements with the highest influence in how most dishes are prepared. Aptly named, the exploration of these elements and the different ways they’re used to make a meal can really open your mind on how to prepare your next feast.

The Chef Show

If you enjoyed the Jon Favreau film, Chef, then this show will certainly be a treat. Coming off filming the movie, Jon took a keen interest in cooking and went a step further to understand the world of culinary art with his inspiration Roy Choi. Together with celebrity guests like Seth Rogen and Gwenyth Paltrow, Jon explores different dishes and further recreates some of the mouth-watering meals we witnessed in the movie:


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