You’ve purchased a game and realised that this game is beans or not the title you thought it was when you parted with your bucks. Getting a refund may seem like an impossible task so you accept it, download the game and live with the pain.

The bad news is that because you’ve downloaded the game, you’re not eligible for a refund on this basis. The good news is that if the purchase went through and you were quick enough to notice the error before downloading the game, you can get a refund on the purchase.

According to PSN’s refund policy, digital content purchases can be refunded within 14 days of the original purchase and it would then be refunded to your PSN wallet. It is, however, worth noting that if you purchase in-game consumables on PSN, the purchase would only be delivered when you next launch the game. If you are in the middle of game play and decide to go for the purchases, they will be delivered immediately, which doesn’t bode well if you would like a refund.

If you’re big on Pre-orders, they can be cancelled. However, the same cooling off period of 14 days would only apply to Pre-orders on the condition that download of the game hasn’t taken place as yet. A great way to ensure that this blunder doesn’t happen, would be to make sure you turn off automatic downloads on Pre-orders. We all change our minds sometimes, so to turn this function off you can head to the Settings menu, System, select Automatic Downloads and then untick the checkbox that indications Application Update Files.

An awesome tip to remember for Pre-order refunds is that the rights to refund could be extended if there were changes in the release date from when you had initially paid for your Pre-order.

Initiating these refunds are as simple as logging into your PSN account via PC or mobile, as the PSN support function isn’t available on the console.


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