Owning a smartphone in the 21st century can be a very useful tool, especially when there’s an app designed for almost anything you can think of. But what comes along with these apps are some unwanted add ons, like those devious little push notifications; constantly reminding you to use your phone, purchase more products, do more sit-ups, water your plants, or even milk your cow (there’s an app for that, really...).

Are you the type of person who has a plethora of unread notifications on your phone? Cut out the admin of reading each individual one and disable those pesky push notifications, you’ll be saving yourself a world of annoyance.

So, what are push notifications?

Push notifications are pop up messages that display on your mobile device. These notifications are usually displayed on your mobile devices home or lock screen and look the same as a standard text message. When you click on push notification, it will take you through to the application that sent you the pop-up message the same way you would tap on a message to go through to your WhatsApp.

Why are they used?

Whenever you install a new application on your phone the settings are usually always pre-configured to enable push notifications. Push notifications were designed to grab the user’s attention, keep them engaged and try and get them to use their apps more. They are one of the only forms of notifications that do not get caught in any kind of spam filter and usually have a higher click-through rate than standard advertising through email or ad pop-ups when visiting websites. As annoying as they may be for constantly bombarding your phone with pop up messages. They do serve some useful purposes. for example, they can notify you on:

  • Updates on your load shedding schedule.
  • Updates on the latest scores for your favourite sports.
  • Reminding you to take your medication on time.
  • Notifying you of banking transactions being made on your account.

How can I disable them?

We’ve come to understand that not all push notifications from the apps on your phone are completely unnecessary. That’s why we’d suggest just disabling the ones you don’t need or simply find annoying.

Steps for Android:

1. Tap the “Settings” app on your home screen.

2. Select "Apps" (or Application manager).

3. Select the desired app.

4. Tap the notifications tab.

5. Tap on the slider icon to enable or disable.

    Steps for iOS

    1. Tap on the “Settings” app on your home screen.

    2. Tap on “Notifications”.

    3. Select the desired app.

    4. Tap on the slider icon to enable or disable.


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