If you ever encounter any issues with your Afrihost fibre we’d suggest first visiting the Afrihost Help Centre or logging a support request in ClientZone which can be accessed using a web browser or via the App. While the Openserve Connect App is a companion when in need of assistance, our Help Centre and ClientZone serve as a gateway to provide first-line technical support to our clients and should always be the go-to option. With that being said the Openserve Connect App can provide multiple useful features should you decide to use it. Read on to find out how it can help you.

What is the Openserve Connect App?

The Openserve Connect App is available to download from the Apple App & Google Play Stores. The application was designed for Openserve users as a gateway to information, updates and self-service functionalities that “puts you in control”.

How it can benefit you

Whether you want to check your fibre coverage, do a speed test or even log a fault on your fibre line, the Openserve Connect app has multiple useful features readily available at your fingertips! We tested the app for ourselves and found the most useful features our clients can make use of as follows:

  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks:

      If you’re having trouble with your Openserve fibre connection, open the app and follow the troubleshooting tips provided to assist with getting you back online.

      • Line test:

      In the event that the troubleshooting tips provided couldn't fix the problem, you can test your line and if the test fails, you will be given the option to log a fault on your line.

      • Fault logging

      If the app detects that your line is down after running the line test you will be given the option to log a fault on your fibre line. Once the fault is logged you will receive a reference number and it will appear on the Active faults tab until it is resolved. The fault logging tool also allows you to follow up on existing faults and view previous faults logged.

      • WiFi speed test

      The WiFi speed test feature is great if you’re experiencing slow speeds or you’re generally just curious to see what your line is syncing at. In the event that you are having a speed issue, the speed tests run using the app can help aid us in logging a fault with Openserve to have the matter resolved.

      • Speed guide

      The speed guide offers great insight for users who aren't sure what different line speeds are capable of and which function/services different speeds can accommodate. For instance, the line we used to test with this application is a 20Mbps down and 20Mbps up Fibre line and the speed guide offers insight as to what this line is capable of:

      That's a wrap for our review on the Openserve Connect App, feel free to let us know in the comments below if you found this blog useful or have any feedback on how you found the functionality of the app.


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