Imagine you’ve just set up your home internet with a 100Mbps package but then you experience buffering when you stream from certain parts of your home such as the bedroom. What could the problem be?

Chances are, the WiFi signal is not strong enough to provide seamless internet coverage throughout your home.

What could be affecting your WiFi coverage in the first place?

WiFi “dead zones” can be the result of a number of obstructions within your home such as:

  • Metal, wood, concrete or obstacles (floors, doors, and walls) positioned in between you and the router. The underlying infrastructure of the property can also be a factor at play, notably when the premises has more than one floor.
  • A large distance between you and the WiFi router.
  • Living within the proximity of other WiFi networks and devices, such as a complex apartment, can increase the problem tenfold as this is no different from being in a room full of people speaking all at once, no one is going to be heard clearly.
  • Interference could also come from other appliances and devices such as cordless phones or baby monitors.

What is a mesh network?

This is where the effectiveness of a mesh network kit comes into play. A mesh network is a WiFi network made up of your main router branching off to a series of other devices known as access points or nodes. The nodes are situated in different parts of your home, office, or any large space and provide a consistent connection throughout the home/office.

Mesh network vs WiFi extender

Even though a mesh network and WiFi extender both play a similar role when it comes to internet experience and improving WiFi coverage, a mesh network kit works fairly different compared to a WiFi extender.

On an extender, it's normally required that you manually reconnect to the network available in the dead zone to get the benefit of increased wireless coverage. When it comes to a mesh network, your device will seamlessly switch over as you move around your home or physical space, allowing you to take advantage of a benefit known as “seamless roaming”.

Apart from being easy to use, mesh network kits are also quick and easy to update.

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