Mobile gaming has been around since the introduction of mobile phones. Simple game titles such as Space Invaders and Tetris is where it all began and no extra equipment was needed to enjoy mobile games to the fullest.

However, with mobile phones constantly evolving and even outsmarting their owners, mobile gaming has become complex, advanced as well as intense enough to encourage you to get a few more accessories to amplify the fun.

Here are some accessories for your smartphone that will enhance your mobile gaming experience:

HOCO GM3 Joystick with phone holder

You will need a controller that is compatible with a smartphone that operates on any operating system.

The HOCO GM3 Joystick is perfect for most games available on mobile smartphones and is compatible with Windows, Android and IOS operating systems. The classic controller layout gives gamers the grip and control that is needed to have a pleasant gaming experience on a smartphone screen.

The smartphone is connected to the controller by means of a wireless Bluetooth connection, making it perfect for gamers that are constantly on the move.

Anker PowerCore High-capacity Power Bank

This 20 000mAh power bank is well known for its 92-hour battery life and fast charging on devices even while they are running intensive applications or games.

It is rare to find a power bank manufacturer that can provide you with a product that offers a charging capacity as high as 20 000mAh in such a simple form. You can carry it around in your back pocket along with your smartphone to make sure that your smartphone is always ready to game.

Are you worried about damaging the smartphone’s battery by gaming as it charges? This bad boy has that covered with its multi-protect safety system that ensures superior protection for all the devices it charges.

Onikuma K8 Gaming Headphones

The high-quality sound may seem optional and less of a priority when gaming but you will realise that gaming with a lot of noise and interruptions is not ideal at all.

The Onikuma K8 gaming headset does an excellent job in filtering out unwanted sounds or noises, allowing the end-user to be able to focus on the game without any external interruptions. The headphones have an omnidirectional microphone that comes with noise-cancelling, making them perfect for chatting with other players online. The product is not only intended for smartphones but can also be used on gaming consoles, PC’s and even iPad’s, now that’s what we call value for money.

Huawei E5785 Pocket Router

A gamer who is always on the go is also a gamer that needs to always be connected to the internet regardless of their location. The Huawei mobile WIFI WiFi router has that covered.

This pocket device supports speeds of up to twice the speed supported on traditional LTE technology and is perfect for loading high-quality videos or games within seconds. You can have a maximum of up to 16 devices connecting to the router at once, hence you are able to easily help out that one friend that is always offline without getting the shorter end of the stick yourself. The device also has a premium quality 3000mAh battery which allows up to 12 hours of working time.

These smartphone accessories are all you need to have a competitive advantage in the world of mobile gaming. The leaderboard is calling your name - so get shopping and happy gaming!


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