We are all excited about fibre and like all things new, it is only natural to have some questions. As its popularity and reach grows, here are some of the answers to your questions.

“I am a gamer, and I stream a lot, which package should I choose?”

To get the best gaming experience, and HD streaming, I would suggest that you sign up for a priority package, with full speeds real time services, no shaping, and no thresholds, even during high network congestion. You can look at choosing a speed between 10Mbps and 40Mbps.

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“Why is my installation taking too long?”

Depending on your area, installation lead times are a guide, based on the demand in the area. Unfortunately, these lead times are out of Afrihost’s control, the onus is on fibre providers. Things you should consider regarding the lead times are: body corporate agreements; if you are in an apartment building; whether your area has high demand for the service, and environmental factors. For more information on lead times, you can find look here.

Does it matter where I put my CPE/ONT unit?

A CPE/ONT connects to the fibre broadband network, with an optical fibre cable. This then connects to your router via a LAN / ethernet cable.
For the best experience, it is better to make sure that you install your CPE/ONT device in a central spot in your home, a place where your Wi-Fi frequency is distributed equally around your home. Deciding beforehand where you want the box placed is important because if you wish to move it at a later stage this may incur additional charges.

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