“Have you seen (insert trendy show name here) on Netflix yet?” An all too common question in 2019 where everyone is linked up to some kind of streaming service. Streaming is all the rage right now, but many of us are still using TV’s that aren’t quite so ‘smart’.

So what options do those of us who don’t have smart TV’s have to keep up with the latest series and films? We’ve put together a list of handy solutions, climb in!

Console streaming

If you own a console within a generation of the latest consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) you can download and stream straight from your console. You just need an active internet connection and you are good to go.

Streaming from your PC

While not a particularly pretty solution, you can stream by extending your laptop or PC’s display to your TV. This can only be done with an HDMI cable (Sometimes a particularly long one) if you do not have a smart TV however.

Buy a media streaming device

The best option to go with and by far the cheapest of the lot is a media streaming device. A simple plug-in and go option that offers more than just one service, it’s the easiest entry to streaming. There are many options on the market for under R1000 and more high end options for over that, so it’s really dealers choice.

Create a media server

One of the alternatives to streaming is to create a media server is to use the old tried and tested method of turning your old laptop or PC into a media server too. You can use an app like Plex to create a really smart library of media too

There you have it, a few options to get your binge on without having a smart TV, what do you use at home? Let us know in the comments below if you have a suggestion of your own.


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Adam M

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