So you have signed up for an Air Mobile data package and possibly set up the Afrihost APN on your device but you are still unable to access your data, which leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out what the problem is.

Try not to scratch too hard as the answer is simple, your account probably needs to be verified. Here is how you will get this done in four easy steps.

1. Take a clear colour image of your identity document or passport

Simply take a clear colour image of your ID book/card or passport ensuring that all the details of your ID or passport are clearly visible in the image. (No black and white images)

2. Email the image over to our legal team

Once you have a clear image of your ID or passport, attach the image to an email and send it over to our legal team on the email address, include the phrase “Account verification” in the subject line and make sure you send the email using the email address you signed up with.

3. Await a confirmation that your account has been verified

You will receive an automated response to confirm that your email has been received but this does not serve as confirmation that the account has been verified.
You will receive a response from our legal team with a confirmation once the account has been verified.

4. Make sure your APN is set up accordingly

Once you receive a response to your email confirming that the account is verified, all you will need to do from there on is make sure that your mobile data APN on your device is set to the Afrihost APN as the default and you will be able to enjoy your Airmobile data.

For guidance on how to set up the Afrihost APN on your mobile device, kindly follow the easy steps on our help centre guide:


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