I am the oldest of four siblings and my youngest sibling is aged fifteen. I often find myself observing their lives and the struggles they consider to be dire.

Oh, my dear sweet summer child, it only gets worse. Much, much worse.

Here are some of the struggles myself and my team discovered once we were legally considered adults.

1. Why are curtains so expensive?

2. You need a retirement fund now

3. Having the option of takeaways every night and someone should really take this power away

4. When you were younger and you thought people in their 20s had their life together – IT IS A LIE

5. Fruits and veggies expire faster when you are the one paying for them

6. Always being tired

7. All the creaky joints and back ache

8. How a vacuum cleaner will change your life

9. You have a favourite grocery store and a favourite spatula

Got some of your own struggles? We would really love to hear yours!


Article by
Adam M

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