Clear your Cache

Clearing your cache is probably the silliest thing that most people care to think about but as the internet has become more interesting, the collection of data our devices store gets expansive. In some ways, this can affect the way the device runs on an internet connection. If your PC or mobile spends a majority of its battery life, it would be a good thing to clear your cache from time to time.

Stop Background Apps

Background running apps are one of the biggest data gremlins in our lives. They cause some data to disappear after top-ups and as they’re running, they can consume bandwidth. In a typical home, families are running TV’s, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets that all run a plethora of apps in the background.

Reposition the router

This may be more applicable to Fixed LTE than it would be for Fibre but the effectiveness of your router can change significantly based on where it is and how it is placed. Some people choose to place their routers in hidden corners or behind ornaments and vases. Keeping your router in a central point of the house at a decent height can improve your speeds.

Avoid Windows

This may sound silly but there’s a chance that your neighbour’s pool area may have better signal quality than your ensuite bathroom. Once again, finding a central position for your router is the best way to ensure that you get a quality signal from all areas of your home.

Watch Out For Dead spots

When you have fibre installed in your home, it would be best to ask the fibre technician to assess your home and find dead spots that don’t get the best signal. If your fibre is already installed, running speed tests from different areas in the house and then finding these spots would be ideal. You can purchase signal boosters for the areas that don’t get the best signal if these spots matter to you but remember that the booster works better when it's plugged into an area of the home with decent reception to the router. For Fixed LTE, you can simply place the router in different places and run recurring speed tests to assess where your router is happiest.

Change Your Network Password

Neighbors can be sketchy sometimes, and from time to time, make use of your home internet if your passwords are too easy to guess. Changing your password on a regular basis can be a way to safeguard your bandwidth from creepers around your neighborhood, building, or complex.

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