Almost half of the world’s smartphone users open a mobile app at least 11 times a day. How many of the current apps installed in your phone do you actually use? Here are my five useful mobile apps I recommend for this year.

1. Learning Apps like Udemy

If you are keen to learn something new for work purposes or just for yourself, mobile apps like Udemy will most likely have the course to help you. With over 130,000 video courses taught by expert instructors, you can use Udemy to pick up skills such a Photoshop, cyber security, and even more. You can download individual lessons on your phone instead of a full course and even use audio mode instead of a video to save data. Courses are not free, however there are deals and discounts that are offered from time to time.

2. Mobile Banking Apps

Most banks now have mobile banking apps that allows customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This has become very helpful when you do not have time to go into the bank itself to perform most day to day transactions.

3. Easy Read Mobile Apps such as Medium

Medium is a high-profile yet moderate blogging platform that anyone can use. Due to its popularity, presence and average of 10 minutes reading, it draws numerous well-known journalists, authors, actors, and other personalities to the platform. This means you’ll have a stream of high-quality articles and essays to read whenever you want. You can be an official Medium member for a monthly fee of 5$ or yearly fee of 50$ giving you access to the following:

  • unlimited, ad-free access to all the stories on Medium
  • our monthly magazine, exclusive columnists, and themed collections
  • thousands of audio versions of popular stories
  • curated daily selections from leading publishers and magazines.

However the free membership isn’t bad at all. You will still have access to the popular blogs.

3. Apps for the listener: Podcast Managers

Podcast are getting more and more popular these days. Since the average individual is reading less and consuming more content by visuals and audio, an alternative way to stay in touch with current affairs is listening/watching podcasts. Some of the top minds of the world have started podcasts to deliver current affairs in a unique way then regular news. A Podcast Manager App such as ‘Podcast’ on iOS or Spotify on Android gives you access to creating your own smart playlist of podcasts of interest where the average podcast just needs 30-45 minutes of your time while possibly sitting in traffic on your way home from work.

5. Fabulous: Daily Motivation

With science-based coaching as its backbone, ‘Fabulous – Motivate Me’. will help instil healthy, positive habits and routines into your life — everything from better sleep, sticking to a morning routine, finding time for creativity, daily meditation, losing weight, and more. So instead of only being motivated on a Monday only, this could be a daily thing all the way until Sunday.

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