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If We Are Watching Avengers Endgame Together – Here Are The #8 Rules.

All good things must come to an end. April is full of series and movies we have been waiting for years to come out. With the excitement comes the utter gut-wrenching sadness that a lot of these journeys are ultimately coming to an end.

But! We will be strong. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. I mean if each of us disappear from the world temporarily to reflect on the final season of Game of Thrones, the heroes of Marvel… No one would blame us right?

If you are watching Engame in cinema (like I will be) here are a list of rules for Avengers Engame that everyone should universally abide by. For every movie even.

#1 We will be seated 15 minutes before the movie starts. (At least)

#2 No questions – you had the time to recap. I am seeing this for the first time too.

#3 No unnecessary talking or chewing during the movie. I will hit you with my shoe.

#4 We will cry, laugh and gasp together.

#5 Take it easy with your drink because there will be no bathroom breaks.

#6 When the movie ends we will sit and wait until the credits have finished.

#7 During the walk back to the car we will ponder the events that unfolded in silence.

#8 We will discuss thoughts and feelings the next day once the emotional turmoil has passed.

Our thoughts are with you.