7 Dream jobs that we would love to do!

Given the opportunity to quit your job and work your dream job, what would it be?
We searched the internet for 7 of the world’s coolest jobs!

1) Disney Imagineer

This job gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want! Think about getting the opportunity to think up the most creative, entertaining and exciting thing in the world and getting to build, create or write it!?

2) Private Island Caretaker

Imagine living on a private Island 24/7, basking in the sun and living it up like it’s your own! Some people have all the luck in the world!

3) Water Slide Tester

Yes, this is an actual job! The only downside is having to test a water slide in the cold weather. Brrrrr!

4) Work for a cruise ship

A career in the cruise industry is an adventure! Cruise ship workers get to travel, receive travel benefits for themselves and family members, and can save substantial amounts of money because living on the ship is free!

5) Video Game Player

Imagine playing video games for a living, 24/7! All you need to qualify is to be really good at games and understand how they work. Having a strong bladder doesn’t hurt either.

7)  Food Stylist

This is all about turning edible things into a piece of art- preparing and styling them for photo-shooting of magazines and cookery books.

There are so many other cool jobs that didn’t make the list, such as a luxury bed tester and a seat filler at some of the worlds most amazing shows! Tell us in the comment section below what you consider your dream job!

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