3 TV series to catch-up after Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones has ended, and the Iron Throne is taken. But what about the other series you’ve put on the back-burner?

It’s now time to catch them up! Our list of series is just as good as Game of Thrones,and similar in setting to boot.  And best of all, these series have a backlog of episodes for you to enjoy.

1: The Last Kingdom

In this adaptation of Bernard Cornwell’s series of books, The Last Kingdom explores England in 872 when the country is divided into different kingdoms. 

The show explores a time where the kingdoms of England are attacked and ruled by the Vikings. The story follows the life of Untred, a Saxon orphaned by Vikings. Untred is raised as a Viking and the series shows his ascent into power.

With amazing fight scenes, an in-depth storyline and great character development, The Last Kingdom is a great watch for anyone seeking an alternative to Game of Thrones.

2: Vikings

If you enjoyed watching The Last Kingdom, consider Vikings. In Vikings, experience the exploits of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok .

Lothbrok is a farmer and father, who is frustrated by the rule and policies of his local chieftain, Earl Haraldson. He seeks fortune in the untouched West, and through his determination reaches new lands for conquest.

The series shows in bloody and gruesome detail, Lothbrok’s rise to power, and the impact of his ascent on his family and friends. Add to this, historically accurate fights with no-holds barred action and drama, and you have a TV series that deserves to be watched by Games of Thrones fans.

3: Knightfall

So, you’ve watched Vikings and The Last Kingdom, then another strong competitor to Game of Thrones is Knightfall. The TV series recounts the rise and fall of the Knights Templar, a military order of the Catholic Church. 

Set in the year 1306, the Knights Templar are one of the most powerful organisations in the Christian world. Led by the Templar Knight Landry, who seeks the Holy Grail, the Knights descend upon the Holy Land, and so the Crusades begin.

The series chronicles the battles during the Crusades and sees the Templars gaining new enemies. With excellent swordplay, politics and drama, Knightfall is an intriguing watch.

In conclusion

With our list of TV series, you now have a huge selection of episodes to binge and enjoy, until your next big TV fix arrives.

Let us know below, if we missed any series that belong on this list.